She is very communicative, cunning, and able to pour out her charm to anyone who talks to her. True to her name, a Gemini woman is not typically known to be one-dimensional. A Gemini woman is fast and pretty prompt with her speech, extremely witty and quick with her whims. Gemini Woman Love Personality & Traits. Like the Gemini man, the Gemini female sees every day as an opportunity to take a huge bite out of life.She’s not one to let anything just pass without fully engaging in it, and she’s not one to happily sit and let the time pass. Here are some of the positive and negative Gemini Traits. 5 Gemini Characteristics The Gemini woman would be an excellent salesperson because thanks to her charming, easygoing, and persuasive personality, she could sell anything to anyone. 3 Shares. Now that you know more about the personality traits of Gemini… They are very romantic and can find the most unique ways to charm their partners and express their love. Are you a Gemini? The Gemini person will be a friend first, and a lover second. She has her own view of the world and it is completely original of her own. She hold the sense of independence quite high and will not appreciate a relationship which will demand her to compromise on her freedom and personal space. Gemini women are full of ups and downs in their personalities, as well as in their life in general. The Gemini woman has multiple personalities. She is a woman who wants to stay safe and needs to avoid any conflicts. Based on the Gemini in love characteristics, Gemini men are prone to mood swings. Gemini people are born between May 21 and June 20, which makes them the third sign of the zodiac.This personality belongs to the Air signs, along with Libra and Aquarius. Live Support (9:30 AM - … Some call Geminis two-faced, a nod as much to the sign of the Twins as it is to their chameleon-like personalities. However, the positive side outdoes the negative ones, thanks to their sharp brains and a cool character. Gemini Traits in a Female - Overall Personality. Gemini Ascendant Woman: The Meticulous Lady. Posted on August 20, 2019. The strength of the Gemini woman lies in her vibrant personality and optimism. A Gemini can fall in and out of love at a moment’s notice. There is no idle gossip from a Twin female. A Gemini woman is free-spirited and optimistic lover. Blessed with a playful and youthful personality, a Gemini women may end up having multiple love relationships in her life. Gemini Woman’s personality is a good mixture of being impulsive and caring. Geminis are the pros of verbal irony and sarcasm. Gemini’s archetypal traits are derived from its active, masculine, or yang qualities, making this sign oriented toward assertive engagement with the outer world. The Gemini woman will never apologise for her choices in love, and in life also. Gemini is the sign which is considered the most versatile sign.Geminis are ruled by Mercury and Women of this sign contain many special characteristics. Geminis can be sarcastic. If they are in a good mood, then they are likely to want to adventure and do new things. Gemini, the sign that is As the third sign of the Zodiac, Gemini represents the charming spirit. The zodiac sign Gemini is composed of people born in between June 20th and 21st May. Gemini woman personality traits and characteristics Light, fun and carefree the Gemini woman is a breath of fresh air to those seeking a partner who won't be too clingy or smothering. They will want to hang out with friends and have a night out on the town. The Gemini woman is born between May 22nd through June 21st in an average year. Marrying one Gemini woman is like living with two different wives. These women are on top of the world one minute and a stick in the mud the next. Here are the 5 personality traits of Gemini that can be off-putting to others. When she sees the perfect partner, Gemini woman will fully reveal all of her personality, and she will stop manipulate and cheat; she will try to show herself as she is true. Gemini Woman. Share. The Gemini-Cancer cusp women are incredibly devoted, emotive, and sensitive. The Gemini woman is a fast-mover, she wants to see, do and learn as much as she can and as quickly as possible.. Read more from our Horoscopes section here.. Gemini Woman: Personality Traits & Characteristics of the Female Gemini . A Gemini woman personality is all about creativity, change and duality. She is extremely clever and has the ability to talk about any topic under the sun –fashion, politics, religion or … Gemini, being a mutable sign, are adaptable and flexible by nature. She has a dual nature and is capable of displaying different personality traits at different points of time. Gemini Characteristics Personality. Whatever their mood is like dominates their personality. These natives need to communicate their knowledge and … Gemini individuals tend to be a romantic challenge to any potential mate, and something of … Whatever career the Gemini female chooses, she must have challenges and variety, otherwise, she'll quickly get bored. A female Gemini keeps a dual personality mainly so that if she does not like someone, she can escape to her second self and please her surroundings. Our world comes in pairs: good and evil, male and female, yin and yang - and Gemini natives are living proof of it - intellect and freedom combined - loving, versatile and erratic. Don't be, we are just talking about her dual personality. Share Tweet. This rule of Mercury makes her creative and her mind intellectual. Easily bored, to feel challenged and amused, Gemini women need continuous change, movement and communication. Gemini Characteristics. Gemini Men Personality, Traits & Characteristics Gemini men are fascinated by the world around them and love meeting new people and hearing new stories. Typically she is lower maintenance (emotionally) than most other signs and always quick … Conclusion. They mature by taking on the challenging questions that no one else wants to address. The Gemini woman is one of the most interesting females in all of astrology, with many different traits and characteristics to explore. Because their sign is dual, they seem to have double personalities. Gemini individuals are fun-loving, but like every star sign, Gemini possesses few weaknesses. Gemini is to society what the nervous system is to the body. Gemini Woman Personality Traits How do you describe a Gemini woman as sufficient to do justice to her? Just like any other group of people, they have positive personalities as well as negative personalities. Personality Traits of a Gemini Woman. Depicted by the Twins, they tend to have a dual personality and their strength lies in their versatility. The Gemini personality does not like to be alone, be tied down, and boredom. Geminis are compatible with Leo, Libra, Aries, and Aquarius. It does not introduce any new information but is a vital transmitter of impulses from the sense to the brain and vice versa. It’s part of reality that every being and thing inherits positive and negative quality. She is demure and doting at one moment and the other moment she can be ruthlessly sarcastic. She is an intellectual, her thoughts original and exceptional, ruled by Mercury. Gemini Woman Personality Traits. The Gemini woman has multiple personalities, she can easily talk to you about politics, religion and travel and then shift the next second to the latest celebrity gossip.. All the communication will be information dense and serve as an exchange of self between yourself and them. Love She is one person who cannot sit idle doing anything and is … A Gemini Woman possesses of being witty at her best. If you're born between May 21 and June 21, you belong to the first air element of the zodiac - Gemini. Gemini symbolizes the dual nature. For Gemini, Energy is the keyword, Versatility, their quality and Communication is their identity. The Gemini woman is extremely generous with her money. Every action of a Gemini is based on their present feelings, making it very hard for others to decipher their current mood. 1. She always surfs on the high tides of creativity and constantly needs new projects to work on. Gemini Woman The Gemini Woman is creative, smart, and a lot of fun. Confused? The mind of a Gemini woman in love personality is always interested in bringing in new information and learning new things. December 22, 2017 | Total Views : 986 . Gemini Woman - facts, traits, behavior & their personality. While these traits of the Gemini sign can make them a lot to handle, their charisma and intelligence is also refreshing, and their magnetism is irresistible. Description of Gemini female/girl physical characteristics & traits at Vedic Astrology portal and does so perfectly. Once she does meet a perfect partner, however, a Gemini woman will completely open up all aspects of her personality to that lucky person – and there are quite a few of them! Gemini woman is a learned person and knows nearly everything under the sun. This horoscope sign is the twins, which means that a Gemini woman is typically two personalities in one. The air element regroups people who love to think deeply and try to fix other people’s problem. Gemini Woman Personality Traits Revealed - Gemini woman always wants to express her opinions and always wants to be listened to. Gemini ascendant people are amiable, talkative, open, intelligent and active. A Gemini woman is a very complex person, whose interests and passions change within fractions of seconds. They're social and fun people. Gemini Woman : Personality, Characteristics & Nature . The nervous system does not judge or weight these impulses, it only conveys information. The Selective Gemini-Cancer Cusp Woman: Her Personality Uncovered The Gemini-Cancer cusp woman may appear distracted but in fact she is very selective about what she focuses on so it’s hard to catch her full attention. They are highly intellectual, and often have a broad knowledge, but their understanding of individual subjects is not always deep, as they are easily distracted and on to the next thing. Gemini Man’s Personality Traits Moody. The Gemini personality likes to communicate, multi-task, and variety. The Gemini woman can be very creative, can be emotionally nurturing and can be very warm and compassionate. Because of this, your Gemini can be warm and compassionate as well as ruthlessly sarcastic. Her very lively, fun-loving and vivacious personality could interest and … Gemini woman traits and characteristics are analyzed in this special personality profile. They have a wandering mind and heart.
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