We need more victories like this one. Ockjay said, “Without the individual, the group does not exist. But improve man and you gain a thousandfold.” And, as I recall, this character was one of the bad guys. Ha! If a very rich man does this, and the business fails, then he is out some of the money in his pocket. • New here. I never said that there should be no poor. How do you identify failure? Ockjay said, “If, as you insinuate, a small group of people were to end up with all the money in the world, a new form of currency would emerge, making the old currency worthless. Dr. William Pierce • Why don't all the pro-White organizations unite? Capitalism adapts by corrupting the state and enlisting its powers in the causes of capitalists. He’s bankrupt. In The Mystery of Capital, the world-famous Peruvian economist takes up one of the most pressing questions the world faces today: Why do some countries succeed at capitalism while others fail? Ockjay said, “Nope. Is that the Soviet National Anthem I hear? Ockjay said, “I lost my business due to low demand of my product in this economy. Not every poor person is poor because he lacks motivation or because he lacks talent. Capitalism adapts through business competitions which Run Their Courses, after which the winning corporation consumes the losing one and excretes a bunch of formerly employed people into the unemployment dung bucket. Certainly most of mankind. The details might vary, but the end result is the same. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. That theory of efficacy is something mankind would be better off without, I think. Without the atom, the individual (person) does not exist. It never authorized Congress to contract the creation of money to any other party, and since the Constitution did not give Congress that power, Congress has no such power. But we don’t judge anything by exceptions, except when we are made dishonest by undisclosed considerations. That’s backwards. I rest my case.”. Whereas you will always have a fraction of human sludge, people without enough ability to get anywhere even if you were to get behind them and push, there are also lots of able poor people who would like not to be poor around today. Whether it is good or bad depends on what its consequences are. The worth of capitalism as an economic system is measured by how many worthy people are left poor despite the gains of others. Without the individual, there can be no group.”. Ockjay said, “This statement confirms my suspicion that you don’t understand capitalism at all.”. Karl Marx was convinced that capitalism was destined to collapse. And, in fact, it is an argument that I can use. So does capitalism. The rich entrepreneur has the wherewithal to start over. The inferior people would be encouraged to have no children through being denied access to public assistance — no matter how much they might “need” it. The Federal Reserve System ensnared the United States in an illegal and treasonous bargain whereby the amount of money owed to the Federal Reserve would exceed the amount of money in circulation, and sooner or later the excess debt would be collected through the forfeiture of tangible assets. Capitalism adapts by ensuring, through inheritance, that certain men get wealth that they did not earn simply because they were favored in another capitalist’s Will. I said in the beginning of my discussion here that capitalism works “in theory,” and I’ve been hearing a lot of that theory lately. I will n…, It should be noted that a digital currency issued (imposed) by a central bank al…, Except in that movie from the 1950s, the trains were clean and safe and the pass…, An explanation for Americans of the flag at the top of the article. Unless you save one of those particular men who will go on to provide a benefit to your race. The haves can shrug and try again. It fails for the population piecemeal. Ockjay said, “Your premise that capitalism is about gaining wealth is wrong. Ockjay said, “Nope. The hour of capitalism's greatest triumph is its hour of crisis. But it was exactly as ridiculous when you did it. These arguments, and many others like them, are central to Dr. Richard D. Wolff's new book, "The Sickness is the System: When Capitalism Fails to Save Us from Pandemics or Itself." It would lurch over a cliff. I’ll continue, then, starting with something I said before. He never earned most of that money! Because, as should be obvious, the rich man usually doesn’t need to convince anyone to back him. Quoting David Sims: “Any moral economic system must, likewise, put the survival of the race in first place of value, and any theories about ‘rights’ that interfere with that value must be discarded, under a natural penalty of death, sooner or later, if it is not.”, Ockjay said, “This sounds like something Hitler would have said, and scares the crap out of me. Five factors are responsible for the failure of global corporate capitalism. Both systems rot as they age. Because neither truth, nor justice, nor freedom, nor comfort have any value to inanimate things. Capitalism adapts by hiring workers to make machines that will ensure that workers will never need to be hired again. But the race of the individual — the group to which he belongs by birth — might endure forever. A court might order him to pay a certain amount each month, and the police will be prepared to toss him into jail if he doesn’t make those payments. And therein is the flaw: inherited wealth isn’t earned by its owner, yet it leads to a class segregation of men that has nothing to do with how much wealth they have earned; i.e., nothing to do with how much or how well or how significantly they have worked. The holocaust of Germans, the real holocaust, went into the millions. And it doesn’t occur immediately. Capitalism, American style is, without question, the primary root cause of much of the inequality and inequity of wealth and income that is present in America; here’s why: let’s take $1 billion dollars and illustrate the distinctly different effects it would have on … You attribute to me thoughts that are not mine. It was in this phase, with his classics like Das Kapital, that he delivere… Marketing is simply buying and selling. I described the principle by which capitalism fails, and its failure thereby has been the rule since capitalism itself began. You seem to have come up with a Lazy Man’s Socialism from somewhere, where good intentions don’t apply and the government really couldn’t give a damn about whether the economic system facilitated anyone’s betterment. Maybe a metaphor will help. The details differ, but the fact of eventual failure is the same. Unless you save one of those particular men who will go on to provide a benefit to your race. However, I do have a problem with the waste of human quality, which means I don’t like Marxism. Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of, Viral Meme Campaign Keeps Jeffrey Epstein Story Alive, Race Police Force Resignation of FA Chairman, The Wonders of Capitalism: You Must Subsidize What Only the Rich Can Get, Art and Music • The Written Works of Richart. All right then. Because I’m not sure that humanity should counter any more diseases by medical means. When I described the nexus between rights and morals, I wasn’t presenting my preferences. But what if the human world were to change, as it has occasionally done in the past, so that instead of the capitalist man going to the wilderness, the wilderness came to the capitalist man? But what is the purpose of an economic system, anyway? However, the power that fells the trees doesn’t reside in any capability that the owner has, but rather in the fossil fuel that the bulldozer burns to supply torque to its treads. The haves can shrug and try again. Greetings from HELLinois. You save him because you are meeting his individual need, right now, to be saved. Ockjay said, “America has shown that Capitalism works well when there aren’t a ton of federally run programs allowing those who mooch off the system to do so.”. What “result” does capitalism promise? The highest value is the survival of the individual. As the rich get richer, the distribution of wealth becomes ever-narrower. Karl Marx, as an author, went through two major phases in his life. Ockjay said, “No, capitalism works all the time, it just does not guarantee individual positive results — that does not mean it fails. Ockjay said, “None of this statement is based on fact. By Stephen Mihm. So when an economic system allocates benefits among men, the objective which guides that allocation should be the preservation, empowerment, and betterment of the race. And yet, in 1913 Congress did exactly what it wasn’t supposed to do, when it passed the Federal Reserve Act, unconstitutionally giving the authority to create money to a private corporation, owned by bankers, run by bankers for their profit, who create money by loaning it, and who require interest to be paid upon the loans. We see this playing out with the great China production phenomenon. The success of the moral system varies in rough proportion to how many people practice it. Why Socialism Fails. If someone asks you whether he would suffer the greater loss if he were, on one hand, to throw away an apple, or, on the other hand, to destroy the tree on which the apple grew, you wouldn’t have any problem knowing what the right answer is. Socialism always fails, sooner or later, unless there is some natural fix, something in human nature that provides a patch for the tragedy of the commons. No, no. You can fantasize all you like about how you think capitalism ought to work, but anyone can look around and see how capitalism actually has been working. The area of a circle might provide some challenge, until some smart person filled it up with little squares and then counted them, estimating the areas of cut-off fractions of squares as he went. Socialism fails because each person who can will try to take out of the commons at least a little more wealth than he puts into it, thinking that his cheating isn’t enough to matter because someone else will take up the slack. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Many of the symptoms of the failure of capitalism described above are well-known. Capitalism in America is heavy taxes, heavy interest rates, heavy debt. So when an economic system allocates benefits among men, the objective which guides that allocation should be the preservation, empowerment, and betterment of the race.”, Ockjay said, “Wrong again. Have you ever observed a “book swap” charity for a period of time? Has Capitalism Failed? The have-nots cannot. Why Capitalism Fails. He might get into trouble for doing it, but the job of philosopher required more bravery than intellect. Maybe. It would be much better for mankind to improve itself by eugenic means, so that it is no longer susceptible to cancers, or at least not nearly as much as it is now. How could you still debate any issue with somebody naive enough to actually believe all the lies the Jew has told about the Fuhrer? But let me take your own example. It should strengthen their innate virtues, not cause them to wither. Dr. William Pierce • William Pierce: His Mission, Canada: Massive Police Raid on Brad Love, Faces Soviet-Style Prosecution for Pamphlets, Posters Criticizing Immigration Policy. << THANK…, “all criticism is autobiography” In general that is not always true,…, This alleged CoViD-19 pandemic is probably the most covert worldwide governmenta…, Well, if what I say is a problem for you, then put on your face diaper. But, details to one side, it’s fundamentally the same flaw and it leads to the same result. You were wrong. Both capitalism and socialism work at first, and it would appear that “in theory” both can be made to work forever, but in actual practice neither works well for long. I don’t view the wealth of my neighbor as something that I should have a claim to, so nothing you say about this will apply to me. He’d eventually discover the value of π that way, at least approximately. Because nothing matters to the dead. Except that this particular adjustment is overdue. Capitalism doesn’t fail for everyone at once, as socialism might. The government can postpone the failure for a while by legislating economic crimes and by moving goods around, but the result is that the entire country fails at once, much as the Soviet Union collapsed in 1990. You are a true-believer. Capitalism fails, too, but not in exactly the same way. It became steadily more difficult for later people to add to the sum of human knowledge. Capitalism hasn't eliminated poverty or environmental degradation so on both counts it clearly hasn't succeeded. The markets will fail, the prices fall. No one stands there and says, we should save him because he may one day cure cancer and that would be good for the group. That episode was “Space Seed” and  the bad guy was none other than Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalbán). >Still, he was right. He will have lots of money left over to try again. For many people on the left, the answer to neoliberalism or disaster capitalism is a return to welfare-state liberalism, market regulation, or some f… That is like saying, ‘Well, if you are rich, you will only lose 5% of your investment and if you are poor you will lose 90% of your investment.'”. And I don’t like capitalism, either, for the same reason. Of course I can. Download for offline reading, highlight, bookmark or take notes while you read The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else. But capitalism isn’t working as well as it once did. For everything else, even if it is “intellectual work,” like accounting or lawyering or chemistry, he can hire out. A team of Finnish scientists hired by the UN Secretary-General to aid the 2019 Global Sustainable Development Report assert that capitalism as we know it is moribund, primarily because it focuses on short term profits and fails to look after the long term needs of people and the environment which is being subjected to unsustainable exploitation. The Constitution authorizes Congress to create money for the United States, and the money is to be gold or silver. Their claim is that Capitalism is the best way to create such a society. The CDC…, >>All people need to do is just turn off their televisions! The neoliberalist capitalist model has resulted in civil wars and economic disaster, and it’s only going to get worse. In any proper moral system, the highest value is the survival of the practitioner group. The have-nots cannot. If they all die, their moral system dies with them. But the tragedy of the commons is what eventually brings socialism to an end. And again. In the real world, being a Hank Rearden is not necessary to being a successful capitalist. Ockjay said, “Please give your assessment of exactly what the failure of capitalism looks like if this is your position. A few success stories are expected. Wednesday, January 10, 2018. You can’t do it.”. Since human quality has become the bottleneck for human progress, the thing to do is raise the human quality, preferably in some gentle, but effective manner. Are you really trying to sell this idea as part of your argument?”. Now, perhaps capitalism is the wolf, and most of us are fawns who end up as the wolf’s dinner. Now, to me, the phrase “like something that Hitler would have said” simply means “the truth”. The Goyim are swallowing it all. But if someone who isn’t rich does the same thing, he probably won’t be able to summon enough money of his own to repay his past loans and then again pay the start-up costs in another business. The first reason is that capitalism basically leads to overproduction. Please be specific. I will worry about myself, thanks.”. But if ever we discover a way to kill the wolf, then it will also be right for us to do so, just as it would be right for a mama deer to give a wolf a lethal kick in the head to keep him away from her fawn. We now know that his prediction was incorrect, and that can trigger a dismissive attitude towards Marx’s theory of history and economics. For his survival, first. Capitalism being the very basis of modern society would mean that the failure of capitalism would be reflected in the law and order of modern nations. Posted Jan 15, 2020 The rest of the world must play along in order to u…. Anyway, Stephen, do you have anything about Ca…, There is no so called ‘Covid-19’ “virus”. It should enable men to earn and trade amongst each other, so that no one with motivation and ability suffers from a shortage of necessary things. As the few become more successful, more people get involuntarily disengaged. A Failure of Capitalism: The Crisis of '08 and the Descent into Depression is a 2009 book by the economist Richard Posner.The text was initially published on May 1, 2009 by Harvard University Press.Posner criticizes President George W. Bush and his administration's policies and the response to the fiscal crisis, and moves away from his past well-known advocacy of free-market capitalism. If socialism failed from the first day, then no socialist country would endure longer than a day. Ockjay said, “Your entire argument is based upon the ‘exceptions’ of capitalism.”. It’s a theory in which capitalism “works all the time,” even if it isn’t working to achieve any specific worthwhile purpose. And they have to some extent. Might some other purpose be better? And likewise, in many other intellectual fields. Finland Prepares Universal Basic Income Experiment, CFR: We Need "Racial Equality Stress Tests", • Do not use crude or obscene language — absolutely, Yes Elfriede, the European peoples made the great country that it used to be. This is one of the many reasons why socialism sucks, but not why it fails. But, more p…, “Law enforcement” has indeed become the Thought Police in thousands…, Also, the Red Ensign looks fancy. Has capitalism produced a lot of wealth? You miss the point. Ockjay said, “Capitalism allows for failure as well as reward and you are not accurately representing that fact in your argument. Capitalism doesn’t fail for everyone at once, as socialism might. Capitalism proclaims the virtue of naked self-interest, but self-interest without regard for morality, … To be sure, a lot of ancient philosophers were very smart fellows, but the field was open to mediocre minds to put in a memorable word or two. It is a model that isn’t necessarily accurate. In order for that to happen, an arbitrary standard emerges that is based upon the general needs of the group but neglects the actual needs of the individual as they have become relative to the group. If that’s what it did, then it would have done well. The worth of capitalism as an economic system is measured, inversely, by how many worthy people are left poor despite the gains of others. But capitalism, too, always fails in the long run. And it was the same in mathematics. But Capitalists have not abandoned a vision of a good and just society. You haven’t provided any meaningful definition for the “success” you ascribe to capitalism. In what way does a collective have needs that are not also the needs of the individuals thereof? “Improve a mechanical device and you may double productivity. He can support his own hobby ventures with ease. Any moral system that puts any theory of rights before the survival of the race is improper and ought to be discarded in favor of a proper moral system. Inheritance makes possible increases in the scale of production, or mass production, which makes self-employment in small-time production uncompetitive and eliminates it as a remedy to joblessness. Arguably, it predates humans. Rescue a man from death, and the value of your effort might last no longer than the man does. Why the group, rather than the individual? If he fails, he’s toast. There was a Star Trek character who was scripted a very wise comment. Capitalism adapts by pushing some men out of the productive enterprise, however skilled and motivated they might be. It is known…, Whites are to be sterilized. Ockjay said, “The question is not ‘How do you measure failure?’, it is ‘How do you measure success?’ It is quite obvious that your measure of success is wealth.”. You have confirmed that you don’t understand the meaning of worth at all. As I said, when capitalism fails for you, then you will very likely cease to sing a song of its magical efficacy. Stakeholder Capitalism As A PR Front. Yes, there are. There are people who are like Haiti, who can make any amount of wealth disappear without ever creating any new wealth to offset what was invested in them. But as time went by, all the easy discoveries were made. Anyone who tried to defend a form of Capitalism that leads to widespread human suffering and the degradation of our planet would be just plain … When god is taken out of the picture, greed is left unchecked and causes terrible things to happen. The modern welfare state does make things worse, but not because it takes money from the most wealthy and redistributes it to those who are struggling. But that kind of ownership is a conditional value. Better brains and higher IQs were required. The past accumulation of energy, being merely purchased in the present by a man who didn’t do anywhere near the work needed to justify his having the price of that purchase, is commonly misrepresented as being the capitalist’s own, present powerfulness. So has every Justice. Greed is fine if kept in check by morality, and this is best done by fear of god! Why are you taking individual applications and applying them in group form?”. Socialism does work, for many of the people using it, at first. Why? I only said that there should never be lacking a way for someone of ability to avoid poverty.
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