FiiO K5 PRO Review - Student-Fi! Detail retrieval is good, but since K5 PRO is not boosting the sub-sonic treble area you have the (fake) impression that it has a lower clarity and it doesn’t sound as detailed. The unit is, despite its aluminum chassis, quite compact and pretty lightweight. The K5 Pro is equipped with AKM’s AK4493EQ DAC chips – known for its smooth, pleasant yet detailed sound due to its high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion. Overall, memang Headphone Amplifier Fiio K5 Pro punya packaging yang kuat juga desain modern, tapi punya bentuk yang agak besar. FiiO M5 costs about 15$ more in my country than the Shanling M0. The volume knob works also as an On/Off switch and on the far right there is your 6.35mm or ¼” headphone out. Depth and imaging are certainly good and better than a lot of ESS Sabre based DAC/Amp units I tested of late. IEM users are blessed with unity gain at 0 dB (low gain) that made wonders with my IEMs and if you are craving for some hard-hitting slam, K5 PRO will deliver that to any multidriver IEM. What is kind of weird is that D20 doesn’t sound rolled-off with speakers and actually carries more treble information than the FiiO. Specifications: Using K5 PRO with sensitive In-Ear-Monitors. FiiO K5 Pro Review. Previously I used two separate sets of … D20 will also push forward the detail retravel and will reveal just a bit more nuance and detail, a really nice pairing with my speakers. It’s build quality is excellent and feels like it will last. Moving on to the treble region, K5 PRO is almost like a chameleon, sometimes the cymbals and hi-hats are really detailed and pushed on the same level with the rest, sometimes it rolls-off them a bit for a natural presentation. In exchange, you get a new range or digital inputs and an embedded DAC, provided by AKM. FiiO already introduces to the world the newest AK4493 DAC chip in their M11 DAP, it is a really good and great performing mid-tier DAC chip, they decided to use it inside K5 PRO as well and I’m very glad they didn’t go for a cheaper alternative. Sadly, for the past years FiiO forget about this segment and sincerely they never had a powerful desktop solution. Fiio K5 Pro Headphone Amplifier Review: This Impressive Budget DAC Amp Will Excite You! If you are an avid IEM listener it will impress in terms of tactility, texture and in the slam department. This has allowed to achieve ideal channel balance and to avoid noise. The control switch is hybrid, so the analogue potentiometer transmits signal into digital way. Based on popular request, I will also add a comparison to Chord Mojo.The main pairings in this review will be with FiiO FH7, Clear Tune Monitors … The sound quality is amazing as far as I can tell, even if you accidentally have the volume at max when you play a song (oww) it was clean and no distortion. The FiiO K5 Pro is the beefier version of the K3, made to fit high-demanding headphones. FiiO K5 Pro Output With & Without BTA30 The K5 Pro pairs very well with the BTA30 to add wireless function to its powerful amplifier and you can stack them up as a small system quite easily. BTW, there are … I have a solution — these are the kings off jazz fusion that successfully mix rock, jazz, latin motives and much more — you won’t be bored. From my point of view, Quad ERA-1 doesn’t need more power than this, at about 50% it was already loud and at 60% it was already too loud. The FiiO K5 Pro is the latest generation of a solid-state amplifier that started way back in 2012 with the E9 and directly replaces the K9 dock system from 2016. What’s important is that K5 Pro is not forward sounding and cares about your layering, so muddiness will never be spotted. It has much more power on tap (1.5 W versus 0.22W on 32 Ω) and as a result will sound livelier, more dynamic, will slam better and overall will sound much more engaging. FiiO recently quietly announced the K5 PRO on their social media – an upgraded version of K5 with an additional DAC inside. I still dig it and I cheer-up every time I see a new desktop DAC/Amp be announced. The Fiio K5 Pro is significantly larger; I paid £109.99 for the G6 as it had a £20 voucher on Amazon, but the RRP appears to be £129.99. We thank team FiiO for this opportunity. Ia juga fitur koneksi yang lengkap, dengan AK4493 DAC Chip dan support audio DSD256 membuatnya support PCM sampai 32 bit. I saw the review for the FiiO K5 Pro on Z Reviews and decided it was the one I wanted to try for my first dac/amp combo for my computer set up. I am not being compensated for this review, but they were kind enough to let me keep the units. On a close inspection it seems that both use AKM DAC chips and TPA6120 for headphone amp duties. Highs are usually the part where the device shows its class. I know there’s a hefty price difference between them but the hardware looks pretty similar. Utile. I saw the review for the FiiO K5 Pro on Z Reviews and decided it was the one I wanted to try for my first dac/amp combo for my computer set up. K5 PRO is packed in an ordinary card-board box, it isn’t too big and has thin protection foams only on front and on the back of the device. With Hifiman Arya I was losing maybe 1 to 2 dB of sub-bass information compared to my reference setup, but that can be hardly spotted and as I previously said every electronica track sounded as impressive and hard hitting. We didn’t have the chance to get this one for review, but I can give you an excerpt of the previous K5 review, by Lieven: If you put it to 0 mark, it will switch off the device. It’s build quality is excellent and feels like it will last. The mids correspond to the general idea of the device, there are no attempts to add weight to get more analogue sound or vice versa to accentuate upper mids for additional clarity. Ah, speaking about it, aggressivity will never be present on K5 Pro, it just can’t be spotted. A whopping 1.65 W of power per channel in 16 Ω and 1.5 W of power into 32 Ω, for this weight and size the power output is impressive if you ask me, more about it in a minute. K5 PRO is having a hard task ahead, David will meet two Goliaths as it will try do drive two planar-magnetic headphones, the Quad ERA-1 and the inefficient Hifiman Arya. It packs all the connectivity you will ever need and it sounds superb thanks to the double DAC and powerful amp module. FiiO K5 PRO ($159 USD) VS Loxjie D20 ($240). Envoi de commentaires en cours... Merci de votre commentaire. Specifications: How would the Topping E30+L30 stack compare to the Fiio K5 Pro? Disclaimer: The FiiO K5 Pro sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. I. K5 PRO has a meaty tone and a natural timbre, add a longer vibration of the midrange and you could imagine its performance. FiiO K5 PRO + Rosson RAD-0 (150 USD + 2600 USD) – I start with something heavy, because RAD-0 is warmer, thicker, and more musical, but also a bit intimate, the advantages of K5 PRO being that it is cleaner, leaner, wider, and it gives them more space, and makes them a bit more neutral, but also more detailed, clearer and makes them more open in general. Hey Srboljub, great review. AKM chipsets were always impressive in the midrange department. Vocal performance is impressive, all the pipes and string-based instruments had a longer vibration and a lower center of gravity. Teeth clenching music will sound easier and more bearable on it. Reply . Thank you for your continued support! Sound BlasterX G6 is much smaller, it is bus-powered and it’s made out of plastics. The novelty was the amplifier THX AAA, it is his company uses a modular amplifier AM3D hi-Res player Fiio X7-2. Firing some Hi-Res and DSD material showed some pretty good detail retrieval and on the right music it will be certainly spotted. Using K5 PRO with full-sized headphones. Still, even in balanced mode, the output power isn’t very high with 200mW @ 32ohm. Mid-bass sounded linear and defined, very present as well, among the best parts of K5 PRO for sure. Sonically, as a DAC and headphone amp combo it kicked ass even with hard to drive planars and drove those to ear-bleeding levels. Beansmeansbeans . If metal is your thing, of course nothing can cure that distortion, muddiness and loudness… so yeah, K5 PRO can’t cure cancer. Steely Dan — Do It Again Wanted to try jazz but spoiled by other genres and are all in doubt? FiiO K3 that I have reviewed, lacks that power, control, macro details level, while the old K5 cannot be compared since it is only an amp. Just be sure to pair it with a capable set of cans and K5 pr… It was because of the quality and performance of the BTR3 that I knew the Fiio K5 Pro would be fantastic and I wasn’t let down. On the Low gain with the music paused and putting the volume at the highest setting there is zero noise whatsoever, background is as clean as it can be. It can be used as a DAC only or AMP only, but where it really shines is when it’s used as a whole. FA7 are awakened to something else, they are sounding quite different on portables. The more I listen to K5 PRO the more I realize it goes mostly towards a musical and engaging sound and not a lot to the technical and super linear side of things. At the same time there is not so big but obvious part of users who appreciate desktop solutions with headphones and FiiO have released the renewed version of their K5 Pro DAC/AMP for them.
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