Watch Now: There are countless variations of the genre that are worth also exploring, including Latin jazz songs for females . (In some cases the songwriter was given list credit rather than the artist who may have been best known for the song.) These are just 15 of the many popular jazz and blues songs for female vocalists. Willie Dixon originally wrote the blues classic “I Can’t Quit You Baby,” and it was first recorded by Chicago artist Otis Rush in 1956. From the legend of Robert Johnson’s crossroads pact to “Screamin’” Jay Hawkins’ macabre-tinged stage shows, the blues has a long history with the supernatural. Riding the line between classic and modern blues, “Boom Boom” by John Lee Hooker was once dubbed “"the greatest pop song he ever wrote" by music critics. Whilst Blind Blake is, strictly speaking, a rag time artist I don’t forsee a ragtime acoustic guitar top 10 and I wanted to include this extraordinary guitarist in somewhere. Check out Charlie Bereal’s true-to-form take on King’s classic before trying it yourself. Top 80 Easy Blues Guitar Songs for Beginners Every guitarist should know a good blues song or two. But neither of them is easy on the vocal chords. Check out the video below to hear Keith Wyatt’s great, up tempo version! This is a 1970 version. This is classic blues style where the guitar supports the singer and the harmonica leads. Life took over with three years in the army, college and then a career. Embedded content: Keith Wyatt's Essential Blues Guitar Players, Transcribing Solos: Learning Blues Guitar from the Masters, Electric Country Guitar with Guthrie Trapp, iy_2020; im_12; id_05; ih_13; imh_29; i_epoch:1607203774730, py_2019; pm_12; pd_03; ph_14; pmh_14; p_epoch:1575411290886, bec-built-in; bec-built-in_1.0.1; bodystr, pn_tstr:Sat Dec 05 13:29:34 PST 2020; pn_epoch:1607203774730, Keith Wyatt has a ton of great information about the history of the blues in his lessons here at ArtistWorks. Listen to blues guitarist Phillip Sayce playing in the style of Freddie King: Watch Now: Today I want to show you how to play an easy 12 bar blues on your acoustic guitar using fingerstyle technique.. First, I introduce a song and apply the rhythm and cadence of these lyrics to an understanding of the historical background. Over the years, I fooled around with it but never got better. The blues sound we all love today came out of the African American experience of working in the fields and singing in church. Watch Now: Easy Blues Songs To Play On Electric Guitar - An Easy Stevie Ray Vaughan Song To Play On Guitar! The songs in my course book are, well, boring. It was here that many musical tropes started cementing themsilves in the blues, such as harmonica accompaniment and the use of slide guitar. It has been such a foundational genre for guitar music that traces of the blues can be found in most modern styles, from its direct descendant in rock and roll to blues … was not a flashy player but he was the “king” of call and response and subtle phrasing. The above acoustic version is a classic example of the Robert Johnson boogie shuffle Keith teaches in his online lessons. Listen to how these artists put their own twist on the classic. “The Thrill Is Gone” catapulted B.B. Play along with Fender Play instructor Jen Trani in this brief lesson. After all, it’s all about the songs. Embedded content:, Learn how to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”. In the past, singing blues has been mystified where many people claim that a person is born with this inherent talent, and there’s no way to learn it later. By Total Guitar (Total Guitar) 04 December 2017. King’s guitar, “Lucille” is played in the key of E flat. For a blues purist such as yourself, this is not your list. Blues music is about tradition and emotion, and countless classics have endured decades, with artists imbuing their own take on each new recording through lyrical and musical improvisation. Keith is a serious musician who has been playing a long time. Hearing this for the first time opened my ears to acoustic blues music and stretched my ideas that blues is the same simple 12 bars over and over. Check out the Fender Play Live performances of “Boom Boom” with Larkin Poe and Charlie Bereal. Many of us have probably not heard this Hank Ballard version which has horns and piano. The difficulty of the songs increase from top to bottom. Yeah. The chord progression is a variation of the 16-bar blues progression. Here is a list of 18 easy blues songs to learn: Riding the line between classic and modern blues, “Boom Boom” by John Lee Hooker was once dubbed “"the greatest pop song he ever wrote" by music critics.
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