Just wondering what your thoughts are? It’s chunky, well finished and appealingly retro in appearance. It sounds to me that there’s a loose connection, or one of the driver coils is affected by the vibration of the speaker which results in it going open circuit. See More Options. called Hunt Audio and purchased my first nice system. USB would have been nice. That said the NP-S303 would handle all of your streaming needs and you would be able to enjoy the full quality of both Spotify premium and Tidal. I have it paired with the Arcam irDAC-II which improves the sound even further to my ears but this has got me wondering something. It’s been 2 years (!) At first I was thinking floor standers but now I’m rethinking toward bookshelfs (JBL 530’s or B&W 685’s leading the pack from an internet review perspective right now). I have heard mixed things about placement of the Speakers with the wall. matsel Member Thread Starter. And that is a great service to your readers. The optical cable will probably offer slightly better sound, as you’ll be using the (very good) DAC inside the Yamaha A-S501. Power handling is 100 watts, and two pairs of binding posts are provided if you want to bi-wire the Altea. Some thoughts on your other questions: Any old Bluetooth adapter will be as good as, or better than, the YBA-11 which is getting on a bit now. I have to mention that I haven’t gone over half way of the volume because of the burning period not finished (I assumed 100 h would be fair enough for a burning time). James: I just purchased this amp after reading Ashley’s review (as well as the one on Crutchfield, and the one on What HiFi) and listening to it at my local Yamaha dealer. Integrated Amplifier - Silver. Appreciate the prompt reply. I wouldn’t say that the Marantz would be fatiguing; quite the opposite, but then neither would the Yamaha. I would imagine any thing in the Monitor Audio Silver Range to an excellent speaker match. I want to listen to my old records, cd’s, spotify and also plug the TV into the optical. The old A-S500, for all its appeal, had a rather lean and bright balance. Then, fortunately, I happen upon this site and read Ashley’s fantastic review of the amp I’d chosen after doing quite a bit of research on integrated amps. Digital optical (or coaxial if the PS3 supports it), Ohh yeah nice I’ve been using optical but as of now i have an av receiver & when listening to music from an HDMI I didn’t really notice a difference but for games n movies only went to optical cuz people tend to say thay hear a difference in the channels. These new Yamaha amps does not give bright sounding characteristics like its predessor. The Marantz is warmer and as you rightly say less powerful, though 50W P/C is usually more than enough for most environments. Excellent. Excellent Ashley – thanks for the quick reply. Yamaha A-S501. It would do the job, but it’s not ideal if you’re planning to stream FLAC files. For peak power it’s not a problem. Cartridge loading is fixed at 47K ohms, 220PF – so it will work well with the majority of moving magnet cartridges. Unfortunately I have no experience of the protection system in those speakers, so all I can suggest is to give it a try and see if it solves the problem. Given the price difference, would you opt for the Startech + 801 or the iOne + 501? ... YAMAHA A-S501 … It’s unpleasant but this is the risk when you but used products. Hi,Ashley! You sir are helping people find incredible sounding stereo gear for a fraction of what it would have cost 30 or 40 years ago. A demo is really the only way to decide however I don’t think you could go far wrong with either amp depending of course on the type of sound you’re after. If you play your music loud or want a decent amount of headroom, opt for the Yamaha. I am using Cambridge Audio Symphony cables to connect amp to speakers – the polarity seems correct. You need only to read the endless debates on expensive cables or cartridge alignment to realise how little of it is based on actual technical knowledge or engineering experience. Additionally, I like to listen to music reasonably loud now and then, and I also want to keep my options open for the future. As with most power amplifiers the headphone out is an afterthought. Your streamer doesn’t have much in it because it is basically a tiny computer, a power supply and a decent but basic DAC. Thanks everyone for all the feedback and recommendations! Great review! Buy now & save $50. Or maybe I’m just confused and completely misinterpreted what you wrote ? What Hi-Fi? They’re covered during manufacturing in a layer of mould release compound, which prevents them sticking to the stamper. My source is a Macbook using Audirvana to stream Tidal. Thanks for the recommendation. It starts to sound just a touch confused, losing track of subtle instrumental strands as the piece really gets going. However, the NR 1506 receiver with 5.2 and networking is available for only USD 30.00 more. Of course use of such an amp means you’ll have to use your TV for streaming, so the R-N602 would probably be your best bet as an integrated solution. Thank you very much for your fast reply. Given room to breathe, so to speak, the A-S501 displays an effortless ability to drive the speakers to ridiculous levels. It really helps! For streaming, I’d encourage you to listen to the Bluetooth adapter before you buy. If all you intend to play are digital files from a player, the A-S501 will do nicely. The AS501 is easily the best amp I have ever owned in terms of value and sound quality.It has a great phono stage and bags of power and drive.the build quality is also superb.I am using it with a project turntable,onkyo 7030 cd player and tannoy v4 speakers.my ancient sony minidisc deck also sounds amazing thanks to the digital connections of the yamaha.the yamaha is excellent in every way and I am very happy with it. Hi Ashley, Have a listen to an A-S501 if you can, as well as a modern Marantz and see what you think. You have a truly excellent amp and a great streamer too. The amplifier is stereo and doesn’t decode Dolby Digital or DTS of course; the source will need to convert it to PCM before hand. Yeahh i was just wondering the as501 if all the knobs were plastic or metal? So I bought these Triangle Altea Ex manually made in France. It keeps the cover firmly in place and reduces resonance – the enclosure emitting only dull thuds when tapped. Given that you get AirPlay, internet radio and DLNA into the mix it is quite a bargain and would be the way I would go. We start with Bob Marley’s Exodus and are pleased with the amount of detail this Yamaha uncovers. Cambridge Audio recommended the transport before realising there was no DAC in my Amp. Why? The CXA60 and CXA80 are very similar, albeit with the difference in output power and the balanced input. Ah, that is an issue. But that’s no bad thing – those filters often have such a subtle effect on the sound that finding the best filter is often nothing short of maddening. You may find you’re very surprised and happy with the result. I have been looking in Richer Sounds for some new speakers also and I have no idea which. AV receivers are great for multi-channel surround sound, but they compromise on sound quality. That doesn’t sound right at all. For some strange reason Yamaha have not put a DAC in this one of their more expensive amps and I am thinking of buying a Cambridge CXC Transport and a DAC as my old Arcam Alpha 9 is giving up the ghost. Hi, I believe the pot shafts are the same. I’d recommend a Cambridge CXN for streaming; it may push the budget a bit but would be well worth it. This is what I thought too. But as you rightly say these amps can be had for bargain prices. A multimeter will be a great help. I’m looking in the $500-800 range FYI (and anyone else reading this ;). If that doesn’t solve the problem I’d have the amp tested as it sounds like it may be something in the preamplifier circuit. And I find that as with all things – our imagination fills in the blanks. The 2M blue stylus is a nude elliptical stylus, meaning it sits deeper in the groove than the elliptical of the 2M red. Thanks! England and Wales company registration number 2008885. I can’t comment on their sound as I haven’t heard them myself, but I do know of another reader who uses this combination and is very pleased with the results. I’ve not heard a pair in person so unfortunately can’t comment on their sound, but specs wise the A-S501 is more than capable of driving them. With a sensitivity rating of 88DB driving those speakers will be within the capabilities of both amps. Personally, I feel that build-in DACs in integrated amps are rather useless – and at this price, you should be investing in an external DAC. Would it be a good match AS501 + CD N301 Yamaha? Many websites recommend the Wharfedale speakers, but I want to ask you about it. Lastly, is my assumption correct that the AS 501 DAC is in play because the digital signal ends at optical connection in the AS 501 amp before serving it up to my Elacs? Thanks for all your great advice. The A-S501 does have a line output to facilitate adding a headphone amp later. How knowledgeable are you on needles/stylus issues?? Thanks, glad you like the review. Not sure if your comments re transports applies to pricier DVD players or not. They’re a standard size, so theoretically you could use any dial you wanted to. Thanks. The A-S501 would give you a bit more power; though personally I’d be looking at something with higher current capability, such as the Yamaha A-S701 or the Marantz PM-8005. This is not the case with this Yamaha, but it’s not high end either. I’m looking for an amp to be used mainly in streaming (wifi or if not AirPlay). The amplifier at 120Hz will provide twice the power (240W) cause the impedance at this frequency is 2 times lower than the reference impedance (8 ohms) from the amplifier …. In terms of the amp, what source components will you be using? Will continue to follow and enjoy your write ups. As an amp this Yamaha is great BUT, the headphone output is a bit too colored for me: sub bass is noticeably bumped, making the overall sound somewhat muddled. Ashley, thanks for your wonderful and thorough review of the Yamaha AS-501. The Marantz amps have no problem going loud – not as loud as the 701 perhaps, but still more than enough volume to be uncomfortable in a room of that size. With a DVD player you’re getting a lot of technology and circuitry that you’re not going to use and that ultimately detracts from the quality of the player. ... suggested Marantz PM6006 Onkyo A-9010 Rega Brio Yamaha A-S301 Denon PMA-600NE Yamaha A-S500 Denon PMA-720AE Yamaha … Are there going to be any losses in sound? I must add that the amp gets hot, but I assume it’s normal. I am stuck between Onkyo a9010, marantz 6006, yamaha s501 and nad d3020. Glad you’re enjoying it and thanks for sharing your feedback. Either will drive your speakers, but which sounds ‘best’ depends on personal taste. In terms of a turntable, Audio-Technica’s AT-LP5 is a great budget deck and will happily take an AT440MLB cartridge upgrade which will have you sorted for vinyl playback indefinitely, though the stock AT95 that it comes with is also very good and may be good enough. Brian. A-S500 amplifier pdf manual download. i had one about 30 years ago i loved it . The A-S501 isn’t very old and the Yamaha amps are very reliable, so I suspect the ‘refurb’ was probably a customer’s unit that was traded in / returned, cleaned and rebooted ready for sale. I wanted the digital inputs and not spending a lot, so that Yamaha A-S501 was what I needed. Marley’s vocals are suitable expressive and we like the sense of space the Yamaha imparts. It’s built very well and is packed with useful features. I own an A-S501, and I’ve demo’d the 701. That top cover, with its huge cooling vents is supported by the internal central bar, denoted by the top screw near the front panel. There’s no USB for you computer, so you’ll need an external DAC for that. It has been suggested to me I should buy a decent DAC and use any cheapy CD player with a digital output or indeed an old DVD player of which I have one. If you recommend buying certain parts first that would be handy. A USB connection offers various technical advantages, and and outboard DAC will more often than not offer an improvement though the DAC in the Yamaha is a decent one. After months of indecision, I bought the AS 501on my recent visit to Dubai and have been thoroughly enjoying it with the Q acoustics 2050i. The Marantz PM-6006 has an optical input. There are some bluetooth receivers that I simply cannot listen to because their audible deficiencies stand out to such a degree. Want to rock out? You’ll have to spend a fair bit to better the internal DAC. Looks like the 501 is worth the extra $. Tnanx. Would this amp be ok with my BK Electronics Monolith 300 DF subwoofer? If you like vinyl and coffee you must read the Vinyl Detective series by Andrew Cartmel !! I can now get the A-S701 for the same price as the PM6006, and was wondering what your recommendation would be? Audition Acoustic Energy also; I’d never had any experience with the brand previously, but have the AE301s in for review currently (review up next Friday) and they sound pretty magnificent, especially given their low price. I’m afraid I haven’t heard the 501 with Zensors (it was used with my Tannoys during the review). Especially for my budget/unorthodox setup? some do, but if you need more connectivity most will opt for an external DAC anyway. However, I am getting some static when i adjust the knobs and i worry that its really just nearing its end life. It rocks! Weighing in at roughly 10.3KG, the A-S501 offers up a weighty, substantial feel as you lift it from its packaging. That said, years ago I did own an A-S500 and paired it with a CD-S300 which was excellent and had the advantage of a matching aesthetic and remote. What would your suggestion be. I went and auditioned them both today and found the difference in sound character relatively small, it’s tough to say I preferred one over the other….they were just a little different. Yes – I would definitely consider used as long as it is within 5-10 years. Thanks for any help. I saw that the cd player has streaming capabilities that would be usefull. Heavier gauge cable offers lower resistance and is my preference, but again a decent cable is good enough. I just purchased the S501 and a set of ELAC B5’s and the new Pro-Ject “The Classic” turntable for my office at work. I am thinking of it for replacing my 30 yrs old akai. Optical audio is not the best signal transmission as the signal must be converted to light and back again. I’m glad you found the combination for you and hope it brings you many years of happy listening, that is a great system. Hi Ashley, very informative review. Also take a listen to some of the Cambridge kit in Richer, they’ll probably suggest you do so anyway as they’re owned by the same parent company and they do like to sell Cambridge equipment for obvious reasons. I will try that as soon as I get home. I might later on buy a new disc player. Do I need a built-in DAC, or will the 501’s DAC suffice? These include 5 line level inputs, a moving magnet phono stage with ground, 2 record outputs and a single mono subwoofer output. I own this Yamaha a-s 501 amp and absolutely love it. It has no support for the MusicCast system or app and uses previous generation software which is nowhere near as good. It’s got an adjustable loudness control too, which is unusual. I reversed the wires at the back of the amp and the same speaker went off. I want to use it for playing cd’s, for the internet radios and if possible to play FLAC music from my laptop. The Fiio player uses the excellent CS4398 DAC chipset as used in a few very good CD players, and an output stage comprising quality op-amps. And listening to music with a hifi system surely gives you great emotions. Any idea how the as501 compares to the rn602 and the as701? Dealer assures the 6006 will be much better. Don’t be fooled into spending a fortune, a reasonably thick cable with solid plugs will be as good as any other. It’s been a while since I heard either. Andrea. The specs all seem similar but surely there are some difference? However if your’e connecting via S/PDIF you should be fine with the DAC in either amp. Yamaha A-S201. Thank you for the help. I wanna buy this Yamaha as501 and pair it with the Cambridge Audio sx60 speakers. ), and you can always add that functionality with a good wireless hub/DAC. Can you expand on exactly what you mean by you can “only get one speaker cable to work”? Anyways, the AS701 that I am testing now is awesome. A great speaker should have you listening to the music, not the speaker. Tried to tame it with cables – and finally switched to tannoy eclipse 2 – works fine now You won’t really notice the difference unless you play at high volumes. I really wanted the AS 701, but that model is almost 400 dollars more, which I can allocate to a much needed dedicated CD player. The Apple TV has an optical output, and would work with any of the amps you mention providing you only stream 2 channel PCM audio data. Softer but less precise sound or colder and more precised. Any suggestions which amp would be best match for the Focal 905. I’d somehow doubt the driver is at fault, more likely a connection between the driver and crossover or maybe one of the crossover components. The new amplifier also feels solid, and the controls work with a crisp precision that little else can match at this price. I would consider a streamer such as the MusicCast NP-S303 over either option, which has built-in support for both Tidal and Spotify premium. The driver is a low loss, high throughput ASIO 2.3 Yamaha Steinberg USB driver. Comparing Yamaha A-S301 and Yamaha A-S501? Hi Ashley, thanks for the detailed review. The Yamaha has more power and offers a fuller sound whereas the Onkyo is brighter. I kid. Wattage isn’t everything; current capability is arguably more important, and to that end both the Yamaha amps will be fine. A Bluetooth adapter will also work but the Qed will sound better. It does require a bit of careful system and cable matching though, bright speakers or cables can result in a bit of unnatural harshness at the top end. the DAC (digital to analogue converter) in a laptop isn’t particularly good either. Classified Ads. Yea I can see how the lack of an USB in would be a problem for, say, someone using a laptop as source, as these usually don’t have S/PDIF outs. This is a more muscular sounding unit than its predecessor. Yamaha’s unique variable loudness technology reduces the mid range frequencies, and adjusts the bass and treble frequencies accordingly, compensating for the human ear’s loss of sensitivity at low frequencies. The Burr Brown’s sister, the PCM5102 is what’s in the 701.