It was killed by Kenneth Anderson, who described it in his memoirs Man-Eaters and Jungle Killers: Bears, as a rule, are excitable but generally harmless creatures. “We need to manage the forests with the bear in mind,” says Harendra Singh Bargali, deputy director of The Corbett Foundation, a non-partisan conservation group, and co-chair of the IUCN’s Sloth Bear Expert Team. However, a few other reports said Bhatra had got down from his vehicle to attend nature’s call when he came under attack. sloth bears rarely killed their human victims outright, but would suck and chew on their limbs till they were reduced to bloody pulps. One of the most pressing concerns in Jessore has been the lack of water. “Nobody knows what’s happening with [them], but there are 50 tiger reserves in India.”. -6 55-year-old man mauled by sloth bear in northern India A 55-year-old man was saved from a violent bear attack by a brave passerby in the north Indian state of Kashmir. People living near protected areas such as the state’s nine national parks and six tiger reserves frequently travel through buffer zones abutting settlements to search for mushrooms, fuelwood, tendu leaves for cigarettes, and sweet mahua flowers which they ferment for liquor. Sloth bears are one of the most aggressive extant bears and, due to large human populations often closely surrounding reserves that hold bears, aggressive encounters and attacks are relatively frequent. One Indian research paper found that between 2001 and 2011, 81 people died and 712 people were injured in sloth bear attacks. Over the past two decades, sloth bears have mauled thousands of people, killing hundreds. Unlike sloth bears, the big cats have seen their numbers increase modestly. After a sloth bear attack, people feel they have little recourse. Across the 70-mile arid reserve, the forest department has created artificial waterholes, constructed bear dens, and translocated termites to feed the animals. A single Indian district seems to report a roughly equal number of fatalities for humans each year from sloth bears as do the entire nearly circumpolar range of brown bears. A short distance from Pinky Baiga’s village, Harendra Singh Bargali and I visit a group of children. While some of the conflict is difficult to avoid due to expanding human populations, many sloth bear attacks and deaths can be prevented by taking precautions, experts say: Making noise while in the forest to avoid startling the animals, traveling in groups, and, if attacked, playing dead and covering one’s head. As Pinky tells her story, dusk settles. The animals look unassuming and even cute, but they startle easily and have large claws. A female Sloth Bear attacked these villagers near the Panna National Park in Madhya Pradesh, India. He and his team of graduate students have surveyed water points throughout the reserve, making note of how frequently the bears appeared to be using the water holes. Bargali asks how many of them have seen a sloth bear. VELLORE: A sloth bear attacked a man while he was grazing his cattle in Kempasamuthiram reserve forest in Tirupattur district of Tamil Nadu on Monday evening. Pinky Baiga slowly pulls back the white scarf that covers her dark hair. The first sign of resistance is the typical low growl to threaten people off. Witnesses say the fight began when the tiger attacked the bear, a female sloth bear with a cub. Nishith Dhairaya, a biologist at Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University and co-chair of the IUCN Sloth Bear Expert Team, successfully urged the forest department to create concrete wells fed by pipelines across the dry landscape. When she turned a corner, wood balanced on her head, she came face to face with a sloth bear. Few Westerners have even heard of a sloth bear, perhaps one of the greatest misnomers in the animal kingdom. Every day, contingents of women in colorful saris plant and water cassia and ziziphus trees in nurseries, growing crucial food for the bears. The group split up, and as Evansingh headed down a steep hill, he spotted two sloth bears walking up the slope. In the 2016 IUCN assessment, scientists predicted that the bear’s populations will decline by more than 30 percent over the next 30 years due to habitat loss and human exploitation of the bear’s food sources. They found that more than 80 percent of sloth bear attacks in this area occurred in forests. Here, there are no tigers to vie for conservation dollars. Mahasingh Meravi, a frail man in his late 40s, had ventured into the forest about a mile from his house in Beltola to collect mushrooms. Ravi Chellam, a prominent Indian wildlife biologist who spent years working with the Wildlife Institute of India, says he believes the country is doing relatively well when it comes to coexisting with dangerous wildlife. In 1990, the International Union for Conservation of Nature listed sloth bears as “vulnerable.” Today, the bears’ status remains unchanged, though they have since been extirpated in Bangladesh, and presumably Bhutan. I think, as Indians, we do not get enough credit for this,” he says. Viewer discretion advised due to possible graphic content. Attack victims are entitled to financial compensation from the state, but find the money difficult to obtain when they lack a bank account or the literacy skills to file a report. Deaths caused by sloth bear attacks are a concern; people, in turn, tend to also engage in retaliatory killings. She received stitches to close her wounds and spent 10 days in the district hospital recovering. This puts the foragers in the path of the sloth bear, which often dwells in the fragmented edges of wilderness areas to avoid tigers. They shrug. The Sloth bear of Mysore was an unusually aggressive Indian sloth bear responsible for the deaths of at least 12 people and the mauling of two dozen others in 1957. By giving the animals an ideal habitat that’s off limits to people, conservationists hope the bears won’t be tempted to wander into outside villages. After administering first aid, Venkatesan was rushed to Ambur Government Hospital from where he was referred to Government Vellore Medical College and Hospital (GVMCH). A 55-year-old man was saved from a violent bear attack by a brave passerby in the north Indian state of Kashmir. He tried to scramble up a tree, but he fell down and the bears attacked, nearly killing him. In North America, a black bear or grizzly bear responsible for a single human fatality would be swiftly euthanized. India has designated some areas specifically for the protection of sloth bears. It’s estimated that fewer than 20,000 sloth bears remain in the wilds of Asia—and yet the species typically kills more than a dozen people each year. The evening light glows on their eager faces. During a single day in 2017, sloth bears mauled 11 people, one fatally. Foresters said Chinnappa, 50, a resident of Ramegowdanahalli village at the foot of MM Hils, was injured on his leg and shoulder after he was attacked by a sloth bear at Holevoddu forest under Maruru Beat around 3 pm. For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service", TN man arrested for sexual assault of minor girl, Understanding the importance of 3-in-1 vaccination during pregnancy for the well-being of both mothers and babies, NGO launches drive for children’s eye health. Fearless tiger attacks world’s deadliest bear in battle of the predators at Indian reserve. For two months, he could barely walk. Some were permanently injured in traps, some were spared from performing in “dancing bears” shows, and others were suspected of attack. Two forest guards in Tamil Nadu's Krishnagiri district were attacked by a bear who they rescued from a well on Sunday. Guide in an Indian reserve caught the moment a tiger took on a fierce sloth bear The sloth bear is also more inclined to attack man unprovoked than almost any other animal, and casualties inflicted by it are unfortunately very common, the victim being often terribly disfigured even if not killed, as the bear strikes at the head and face. People are sometimes killing bears in revenge. The incident took place on the morning of July 9 in the Shoplian Khag area of central Kashmir's Budgam district. A classic case of human-animal conflict. Moment deer attacks man in … However, Chinnappa managed to escape after which villagers and foresters rushed him to a hospital in Ramapuram. Authorities were first alerted when they found sloth bear carcasses without genitals in a national park. Prabhu Bhatra, a truck driver, was attacked by the bear when he was trying to take a selfie after getting down from his vehicle, said media reports. Sloth bears feed on ants and termites, but often attack people when startled. Perhaps they choose fight over flight because, though their long claws are ideal for digging, they don’t allow adult sloth bears to escape danger by climbing trees. Perhaps they’re used to dealing with tigers and leopards and thus unleash the same ferocity on humans. Human-bear conflict is frequent across most of its range where bears regularly come in contact with people. Stories like Pinky’s are common. © 1996-2015 National Geographic Society, © 2015- [The sloth bear] is also more inclined to attack man unprovoked than almost any other animal, and casualties inflicted by it are unfortunately very common, the victim being often terribly disfigured even if not killed, as the bear strikes at the head and face. Hyderabad: A sloth bear made his way into the Nagaram village in Telangana's Jayashankar Bhupalpally district and attacked villagers and a herd of cattle on Monday.The shocking incident led to an elderly man incurring severe injuries, said a senior official with the Telangana State Forest Department. Live: Agitating farmers must leave path of protest, engage in dialogue, says gov... Pawar's remark on Rahul: Don't comment, says Cong; 'fatherly advice', NCP clarif... How Delhi, Hyderabad airports are prepping for Covid vaccine transportation, BJP said this will be the sixth govt to fall, claims Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot, Chess player Srinath to get refund for custom duty paid, confirms Rijiju. An injured sloth bear mauled a man to death near a forest in Nabaragpur in Odisha, India earlier this month. To get retribution for bears’ attacks, some people kill them. The aggressive beast bit two veterinarians, who were filming the release, and one doctor suffered a broken wrist from falling off a vehicle. Villagers and farmers say the sloth bears are increasingly leaving the sanctuary in search of water. When sloth bears attack! This particular bear carried the mark of Cain, in that he had become the wanton … India serves as the final stronghold for the species, with small populations in Nepal and Sri Lanka. Sloth bears sometimes attack humans that encroach on their territory. Another factor is the sheer number of people who live alongside sloth bears. Many of India’s newer protected areas have been created or expanded to address the habitat and food needs of tigers. In so many words, they say: What can be done besides giving them space? These bears, which have more than 75 acres to roam at India’s Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Center, were all rescued from some kind of human conflict. Two months ago, Pinky was mauled by a sloth bear. But now she can barely leave her bed. Only about 10 percent of India’s remaining forests are considered secure and suitable for sloth bears. Across India, attitudes toward wildlife are in flux. A more accurate designation might have been “anteater bear,” as the creature feeds on termites and ants, slurping the insects up through its long bulbous snout and extended lower lip. Gentle and shy in nature, a provoked sloth bear is an ugly sight as it can ferociously attack its opponents. 2020 National Geographic Partners, LLC.