Manufactured to precise tolerances, these high-quality replacement parts help keep your AR-15 functioning properly. I ended up simply grabbing a 3/8″ drill bit and reaming the selector hole a bit to widen it for the safety selector. I tried re-running the selector hole cutting code but it did not help. The safety detent hole is too shallow on one my lowers. Choosing the right lower parts not only allows you to customize your AR to best suit your needs, but also allows for smooth operation. I had this same issue with mine. My first thought was that the mis aligned holes are the problem. Which he intends to weld a pin inside. These hole-marks should be punched with a center punch just deep enough to start the drilling. Made of 6061 aluminum and finished in black anodizing. Here is a photo of the trigger seen from the hole the safety selector should go in. But if you used a 3/8″ pilot hole, it would be bigger than the trigger slot it … Thank you in advance for your patience! Safety Selectors for your nect rifle project. Gun Addiction is an Instagram account and he posted a photo of his “cosmetic” modification. Like Goldilocks, you might find that this one is too big and that one is too small. I put back the safety selector, hammer and trigger pins, then tightened the installation and locking screws that go on either side of the trigger. It has to do w/ the set screws that tension the trigger assembly against the bottom of the lower receiver. drill. We have you covered. Why not? MISC Training Course Announcements & AAR's, Former Vickers Shooting Method Regional Instructors, Pacific Northwest Training and Networking, All Other Longgun Parts, Accessories, & Magazines (EE), Handgun Parts, Accessories & Magazines (EE), If this is your first visit, be sure to Is the hammer cocked back when you switch from fire to safe? The LUMA comes in a medium profile, mimicking the size of the IWI safety, and a slim, providing a much smaller profile. He drilled a third pin hole in the receiver with a “random sized” drill bit. But when it comes to drilling really big holes for locksets or plumbing pipes, reach for a hole saw. It uses a (D) 5/32 drill for a depth of 0.188” and a (C) 1/8 drill all the way through the hole until you reach the 3/8 selector switch hole. From AR Safety Selectors to Pistol Safety selectors. I put back the safety selector, hammer and trigger pins, then tightened the installation and locking screws that go on either side of the trigger. Use a bit exactly the same size as the hole when working on other materials. It is right above the selector switch in the photo above. For some reason on this build, when all was said and done the safety selector just didn't have nice positive "clicks" and needed a bit more pressure from the spring than it was able to give. Rationale and ignorance is not something the ATF takes kindly. Just so i understand. But boring bits are expensive ($30 plus drill rental). Details: There are a ton of safety selectors on the market so choosing a new ambidextrous safety selector can be a little daunting. Let the material cure. Do you need a Safety Selector for your weapon? This hole is a two-step process. If you made that part of the lower raise all the way up to meet the hole of the safety selector, there would be less torque. Colt AR-15 Pin and Spring Sizes. Hole saws don’t cut as quickly as large boring bits driven by a pro’s powerful 1/2-in. Now, when the parts were re assembled, the selector has very little resistance between the safe and fire positions. "Guns are like neurosurgeons. This safety selector detent spring from SOLGW will work with any AR-15. It was too small and I could not get a standard mil-spec safety to fit in the hole. Maybe loosen the tensioning screws a bit? I don't know if your setup is similar, but my ATC gold does the same thing in my M&P-10. After using the drill bit to ream the holes by hand until the selector fit, finally. AR-15 Selector Detent Spring Due to overwhelming demand, we are experiencing a 3-5 business day delay in shipping packages. For a bold look, wear a large studded belt or a belt with a matching buckle. If you’re not sure which to select, choose a drill bit 1/64” larger than the hole you wish to create. Not that you should have to do either. Removing the edge from the detent allows it to pass by the countersunk area and engage the notches. Pic shows where the selector stiffens to a stop before it clicks over the part of the trigger it is making contact with. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Pins Check that the safety selector detent slides into and out of the hole and that nothing is stuck in the grip screw hole. If the straps are too long, fold them over and pin the excess length underneath the dress fabric with a safety pin. The safety selector switch is very tight on top of the back side of the trigger, and when I pull the hammer back, the disconnect won't go back far enough to come off the hammer. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. So on that note, first clean the upper channel with a 1/8" drill bit by hand, then clean up the lower channel with a 9/64" drill bit by hand to the start of the smaller start step. Completing A … Shop all … Just mess with the tension set screws until its enough to your liking. This hole … Use a bit 1/64” smaller than the target hole size for softwoods. The detent pin should be able to fall through the bore into the selector shaft hole. I did this yesterday, and found a nice spot where the screws are snug and the safety can still be manipulated without catching halfway between Fire and Safe. Ok good to hear. I dont even notice the half click anymore. It's an inexpensive part, don't mess with it and just replace the selector… check out the. I chose not to mess with it, and mine has smoothed up quite a bit over time. I have a velocity trigger and it does the same thing. "The selector detent channel is a stepped channel hole. When you need one, you need one badly.". The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. So I took everything apart, measured the diameter of the safety selector spring and the grip hole it goes into, and went to Home Depot. The pointy side goes up. If the punch is too hard, the mark will be too large and the metal will be distorted. If the pin barely just protrudes from the bore of the detent/spring hole, the hole is undersized. Maybe you pushed your end mill bit through the floor of the lower, maybe your drill bit went in canted and now your safety selector won't do much good. Before it sets up, poke an indentation where you want the center to be with a toothpick or another sharp object. A hole saw is a steel cylinder with saw teeth cut into the top edge. This is just my opinion though, and would love to hear yours. This is a pic of an 80% lower that the pin bore was offset by 1/32" but it will illustrate the pin bore being all the way through to the selector shaft bore Don’t drill too deep, just get a hole that goes down and do not penetrate beyond 40mm from the top of the jig to be safe. The Following Sizes Represent Milspec and DO NOT Account for Colt Variances. Once you have the safety selector holes sized correctly you can install the 5/32" drill bit and do the same process for the trigger/hammer pin holes. The easiest way to fix a screw hole in metal that is too big is to fill the hole with a bit of JB-Weld. Although better than 5/16″ for starting the router bit each pass, it is a bit tighter than 3/8″. The OP's problem (if I am reading correctly) is that the hole was not countersunk deep enough from the bottom side and the detent is not protruding into the selector lever notches to engage. If your receiver has the selector stops at 3 and 9 o'clock, you would still be able to rotate the selector past 90 degree (FIRE) onto AUTO / BURST position. What i did was grind the lip off a detent. This hole will help once you start using the End Mill Bit. Does the detent spike go all the way through the hole to click into the selector? If the detent holes are shallow, they will allow the user to over rotate the selector more easily. I probably won't touch it in that case. That was my issue and I had to dremel the hole a bit. If you don’t have 24 hours to let it cure, use JB-Kwik. /r/ar15 is here for your favorite black gun links, build pics, questions and other tactical or practical information. Fix a screw hole that is too big in metal. Don’t drill too deep; do not penetrate beyond 40mm from the top of the jig to be safe. Did you install the detent backwards? 1x 60/90 safety center bar; 1x End Cap; 1x Right Side Flip Switch; 1x Left Side Flip Switch . The Gen 2 requires only one hole to be drilled, an 11/32″ hole all the way through both to start the router in and as a trigger slot pilot. We carry a large selection of some of the best AR-15 lower parts and AR-15 lower parts kits from trusted manufacturers. So, you've started machining your 80 lower into a stripped AR-15 receiver and in the process, you made a rather catastrophic mistake. Another topic related to the rivet is the hole preparation. Priced individually. On the drill press with the jig and lower tightly installed on the vise, install the large regular drill bit used for the safety selector holes to create a pilot hole in the fire control pocket area. Is this something that will wear in back to normal, or is this something to be concerned about? So you ground the detent instead of snipping the spring? When i first installed the trigger I didn't even know about the installation screws, and the hammer would engage when I was letting my finger off the trigger. “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”. This will account for variables such a wood density and screw type. After testing and re-assembling the upper and lower, I noticed the safety is stiff traveling from Fire to Safe, but not vice versa. Don't buy anderson LPKs. Did you ever have problems with double fire? Edit: Just so you know I tried the star selector and a mil-spec selector in both the TNA lower and a forged lower. Back those out a little bit and you should be good. If it's too low let me know, otherwise continue. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Your AR-15 lower parts allow you to operate all the controls on your firearm and ensure that your rifle functions correctly. While drilling the safety selector hole, I managed to tilt the table a few degrees. The next hole I decided to drill was the safety selector detent hole. We’ve had a lot of questions about how to reverse a safety selector, this week Justin’s showing you how to move that safety from one side to the other. It is also the same spring used for the ejector in the bolt. Not even if there's a fire. The Tavor LUMA (Lever, Upgraded Metal Ambidextrous) is a drop-in replacement for your factory safety. 5. Luckily it is still smooth switching from safe to fire, otherwise I would be worried. For a delicate look, use a chain belt or a thin, delicate belt that matches the color of the dress. After the detent hole is drilled, it … They told me to remove a bit of material from where the safety arm contacts the selector shaft if it bothered me. ... Any selector can be over rotated given enough force, but one with shallow detent holes will do so easily. After testing and re-assembling the upper and lower, I noticed the safety is stiff traveling from Fire to Safe, but not vice versa. 3)Take a piece of cardboard, a few inches wider than the hole and with the mixed compound butter up one side ( this will act as a mastic to hold the cardboard). 2) The elevation of the box will be affected by the bottom of the wall hole. used for the safety selector switch holes to create a pilot hole in the fire control pocket area. After selecting the rivet size and placing the sheets, the holes must be marked for drilling. The bottom larger channel is .141", while the upper part of the channel is .124" instead. The LUMA will work on both the right and left side of the gun. I have one and everything seemed to be in spec and working fine. "I pity thou, fools who dost not choose BCM" - King Arthur 517 A.D. How would making the spring shorter raise the detent higher inside of the lower.