NGNI-03: Security in Future Generation Networking, Session In this paper, the downlink user scheduling design of a massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) is investigated in the presence of multiple active attackers. With the development of Internet of Things (IoT) technology, unattended operation of devices has become an important feature of IoT, which requires devices to perform proper actions to provide services without human intervention. As a fully virtual conference, all the presentations will be given via pre-recorded videos during September 18 – 20, 2020 based on Hawaii's time zone through the BigMarker Video Broadcasting Platform. Sign Up. In this paper, we propose a three dimensional (3D) deployment approach for UAVs and analyze the system performance of finite UAV-enabled networks in which UAVs are equipped with BS. First, the word embedding and aspect term embedding are pre-trained by Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers (BERT). Based on CP-ABE scheme, the trusted authority uses the attributes of the data user and cloud server provider (CSP) to generate their access control private key, which is used to compute the search trapdoor. Sign Up. Specifically, two deep neural networks (DNN), which can be connected by the transformation matrix, are constructed to maximize the effective channel gain, thus maximizing the sum rate of multiuser. Furthermore, as the sub-problems are non-convex, sequential convex approximation (SCA) algorithm is a good choice, which makes our scheme converge to the Karush-Kuhn-Tucker point. In this regard, a deep Q network (DQN) is applied for UAV's flight control. However, for the application for information propagation, targeted dynamic community detection methods have not been proposed previously. IEEE/CIC ICCC 2021 is … Although the IEEE INFOCOM 2020 cannot be held physically, the integrity and quality of the research and content will remain and now be experienced in the virtual environment. The related technologies on transmission systems and networks are discussed. In this case, device detection is the first critical problem to be solved. With these results, a power allocation problem is formulated to maximize the overall achievable rate under per-cluster' power constraint and per-user' quality of service requirement. Theoretical analysis and simulation experiments indicate that, the derived upper bound closely matches with the theoretical one, especially at low SNR. Finally, our numerical and simulation results show that our proposed model with limited scatterers can capture the characteristics of massive MIMO V2V communication in crossroads scattering environments while agreeing well with the theoretical model, thereby demonstrating the efficiency of our model. In addition, in order to make the network applicable in different scenarios, we also add a switching module to adjust the output according to the characteristics of the current environment. In addition, to gain further insights, simplified BLER expressions of the worst and best users are obtained in the high signal to noise ratio regime. The content distribution process not only involves content transfer among static nodes in the terrestrial CDN, but also mobile satellites serving as couriers. The convergence rate, content delivery delay, and stalling rate are evaluated in the simulations, and the results show the effectiveness of our method. VCOP 2020: Share your expectation about a Virtual Technical Conference. Finally, the performance of the proposed model is verified in three public data sets. To alleviate the energy constraint and coverage limitations in Internet of Things (IoT) applications, in this paper we investigate a dual-hop hybrid visible light communication (VLC)/radio frequency (RF) cooperative communication system based on simultaneous lightwave information and power transfer (SLIPT). extracting keystroke features from wireless channel data and authenticating the user via typing habit from the corresponding keystroke features. The integration of mobile edge caching and coordinated multipoint (CoMP) joint transmission (JT) is regarded as a promising method to support high-throughput wireless video streaming in mobile networks. 9:00 AM CST, Aug 9 Sun, 8:30 PM Further, we implement our backscatter in the FPGA hardware to evaluate the design. Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) introduced by sinking cloud resources from the Remote Cloud to the edge of the network is one of the solutions to support 5G low-latency applications. To cope with the error floor induced by ICI and ISI in one-tap equalization and iterative serial interference cancellation (ISIC), we develop a maximum likelihood (ML) based iterative grouping detection algorithm (ML-IG), which utilizes the correlation among the received signals on adjacent subcarriers to improve the detection accuracy. Optimizations are carried out to minimize the average pair-wise error probability, where the optimized superposition matrices are obtained by using the genetic algorithm. Besides, their superiorities are reconfirmed by statistical analysis. For more details please click Instruction for Virtual Session Participation – Authors.pdf. Comprehensive field studies show that our backscatter can identify four protocols at an average identification accuracy of about 90%. When. In this paper, a novel three dimensional (3D) single-twin cluster non-stationary multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channel model is proposed. The mobile user can offload the computation data to the helper and the AP simultaneously on the same resource block using non-orthogonal multiple-access (NOMA). Third, to incentivize UAVs and improve the efficiency of resource allocation, the incentive scheme for channel allocation is established. It reveals that by introducing more antennas together with the innovation of cell free network architecture, and by making effective balance between block length, error probability, data rate, and minimum number of antennas, future 6G technology still has great potential to be improved, but it needs both to make a compromise between system performance and deployment cost, and to carefully make use of the special features of MIMO channels in higher frequency band. — Compared with the existing traditional Range Doppler (RD) algorithm, this proposed method can achieve superior azimuth resolution for target identification, which not only solve the problem of target's azimuth profile at high side-lobe levels, but also reduce the cost of radar hardware system. Specifically, the concurrent transmissions which globally maximizes the spatial sharing gain while consuming the least energy at each time slot are identified by solving the ILP problem. Simulation results show that the proposed method could improve network performance and able to allocate resources reasonably. Based on the obtained analytical results, we maximize the secrecy throughput subject to an SOP constraint by jointly designing transmission rates and the power allocation of the AN scheme. 3:00 AM EDT, 3:10 PM Simulation results exhibit that the DNN-based framework achieves better performance while maintaining low computational complexity compared with the traditional method in hybrid precoding. However, PIN can be easily leaked to others, and biometrics usually require specialized devices. At the same time, collusion attacks are avoided by associating polynomials' degree with the number of users. Then, we derive the closed-form expressions of channel impulse responses (CIRs) of the proposed model and discuss statistical properties in detail, e.g., temporal auto-correlation function (ACF) and spatial cross-correlation function (CCF). The optimal policy is obtained in an online fashion with a high learning efficiency. Simulation results indicate that the DQN-based algorithm provides an efficient UAV's flight control policy for the proposed optimization problem. In this paper, a software-defined A2G framework is proposed to efficiently and flexibly select multiple ground base stations for data transmissions from a global perspective. The performance gain of the proposed algorithm over other baselines is demonstrated in the numerical results. Correspondingly, a user clustering algorithm and optimal transmission strategy with respect to power allocation for the proposed scheme are then designed. In the online stage, particle filter to estimate the locations based on WiFi received signal strengths, UWB rangings, and IMU data. Simulation results show that the service traffic prediction mechanism can be used to predict service traffic in the future. Digital precoding and analog precoding are designed by minimizing the transmit power subject to the target security rate, the target harvested power, the total transmit power and analog precoding unit amplitude constraints. The results prove that the proposed BPSO-based algorithm is able to approximate the optimal results and outperform the greedy-based algorithm with respect to the running time. In this paper, we investigate the hybrid precoding design for security multi-user multi-input single-output simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) millimeter Wave (mmWave) system. It will be held in Chengdu every year. In this paper, we propose an optimal D2D-enabled multicast scheduling policy (OSP) aiming to minimize energy consumption in mmWave cellular networks. On real-world mobile traffic flows of various mobile applications at different base stations, we demonstrate that the proposed model is significantly superior to linear regression model in prediction performance. The neural network (NN) has been widely used as a promising technique in fiber optical communication owing to its powerful learning capabilities. By modeling UAVs as a deep reinforcement learning (DRL) agent, we propose a novel framework to deploy UAVs in 3D space to maximize the network utility. Virtual Conference Instructions for Keynotes Speakers. 12:00 AM EDT, 1:30 PM In this paper, we propose a novel hybrid idea to integrate the strengths of both data and model-driven methods, named model based method enhanced by data, which is training affordable, theoretically interpretable and model flexible. Moreover, the non-convex problem is converted into a semidefinite programming (SDP) problem which is solved by using convex optimization tools. With the emergence of ever-growing compute-intensive applications, geo-distributed cloud resources are deployed at the mobile edge and alleviate the resulting surging demand in communication and computation. In MEC, the computing resources are deployed at the logical edge of the network, and this architecture allows the mobile users to enjoy better computing services with low-latency and high energy-efficiency by wirelessly offloading some their computation tasks to the edge servers in the vicinity. With the advancement of science and technology, the issue of marine ship Internet of Things (IoT) users' assignment of computing tasks offloading has become more and more challenging. Most of existing methods figure out the anomaly detection task by using graph convolution networks to embed the attributed networks. IT-02: Invited Talk 2, Session Finally,the real data of IoT company is used to evaluate the risk level of IoT system. We propose a joint mode selection and resource allocation optimization algorithm to solve it, where the original problem is decoupled into two subproblems, i.e., task computing mode selection subproblem and resource allocation subproblem. However, due to vehicle mobility, the network topology and available computing resources vary rapidly and are difficult to predict. The growing number of natural disasters results in the infrastructure communication facing critical challenges. The RSRP during the UAV taking off varies quickly, so that the measurement reports may not provide an accurate channel information for the UAV. A Hungarian-based reverse auction algorithm is performed to find the optimal cell-satellite association solution corresponds with the economic profits within each group. This conference will feature world-class plenary speakers, major technical symposiums, industry and academic panels, workshops, tutorials and invited tracks. In this paper, the joint design of the beamforming scheme in intelligent reflecting surface (IRS) assisted multiuser (MU) multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) downlink transmissions is investigated. To this end, we propose a BPSO-based algorithm in the paper, to minimize signalling costs of hierarchical controller placement. However, due to the massive number of potential devices and non-orthogonal pilots, the algorithm's complexity is very high, and the base station (BS) needs much cache to store the pilot codebook for all potential devices is unacceptable in this scenario. In this talk, we present the core ideas of an architecture for a Trustworthy and Evolvable Future Internet. Opening: Opening Ceremony, Session Based on the predicted load distribution, slice weight distribution is performed in advance so that arranging delay is saved. IEEE ICCC 2020. This novel architecture is used to offload computing-intensive applications and services for IoT users in the marine environment. By using a simultaneously L&S signal model, we employ the number of the bigger singular values and Bayesian learning which incorporates an L&S-inducing prior over the signal and the appropriate hyperpriors over all hyperparameters to recover the signal. SAC-01: Offloading and Caching, Session Optimization algorithms play an important role in resource allocation problems. We dynamically group multiple users in the same Multicast Broadcast Single Frequency Network (MBSFN) area in three dimensions based on the three components of QoE. Then, according to the periodical movement characteristic, a satellite routing algorithm based on two-hop Inter-Satellite Links (ISLs) is proposed, in which the transmission delay of satellite network can be predicted. Finally, sufficient simulations prove the effectiveness of our proposed multi-UAV deployment algorithm. In order to reduce energy consumption, concurrent transmission and device-to-device (D2D)-enabled multicast has attracted great interests of many researchers, and some heuristic solutions have been provided. Passengers traveling by air demand for Internet connectivity to effectively utilize their valuable in-flight time. SAC-02: Learning-based Schemes, Session In this paper, we prototype our system, a new method for user authentication by leveraging commodity WiFi. Based on this, we design a two-step HP scheme for the proposed HP structure. Use of this website signifies your agreement to the IEEE Terms & Conditions. We reformulate the stated problem and design a substitution-knapsack algorithm to reach a sub-optimal solution. 2020 IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC Workshops) Year: 2020 Timely and Full Coverage Algorithm for Region Area with UAVs-assisted Small Satellite Constellation This can be well explained by density buildings and low antenna heights in UMi scenario, which leads to rich scattering environment. This paper proposes a novel beam tracking for mmWave systems based on deep learning (DL) network. Ad Hoc & Sensor Networks Symposium. Use of this website signifies your agreement to the IEEE Terms and Conditions. The formulas of the mean and the variance are derived. We monitor the interest packets received by each node and get the corresponding popularity of each content. Anomaly detection on attributed network has broad applications in many practical scenarios. However, problems such as high vehicle cost and perception limitations still exist. Main Conference Workshops & Tutorials Sign In. Wide-area optical backbone network provides crucial support for the fifth-generation (5G) development. As a fully virtual conference, all the presentations will be given via pre-recorded videos during September 18 – 20, 2020 based on Hawaii's time zone through the BigMarker Video Broadcasting Platform. Because of the wide outdoor environment, the accurate construction of a traditional fingerprint database requires technologies such as large-scale drive testing, which consumes a lot of manpower and material resources. Further, the over-the-air (OTA) results validate the feasibility of the system design, and show that link adaptation module can significantly improve the quality of the received signal. In this paper, we propose IBSS (identity-based secret sharing), which achieves efficient content distribution by using improved Shamir's secret sharing method. The 9th IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China (ICCC 2020) will be held on 9-11 Aug 2020 in Chongqing, China. Besides, with the increase of the maximum retransmission number, the ASE increment will decrease while the PER will increase. A stepwise iterative algorithm is proposed to obtain the suboptimal solution to the problem. Main Conference Workshops & Tutorials Sign In. The sparse code multiple access technology and polar code technology can meet the functional requirements of the three major scenarios of 5G. iCoSaMP uses a fuzzy threshold selection strategy to perform a second screening of the preselected atom index set after the preselection stage to ensure that the more relevant atoms constitute a new preselected atom index set. As you may be aware, the IEEE ICCC 2020 conference will be held online due to the outbreak of COVID-19 on 9–11 August 2020. Therefore, it is the focus of research in this field to propose an effective solution to sensor drift. In this paper, we study the cellular internet of things (IoT) with multi-user short-packet communications. The formulated problem is non-convex optimization, so we transform it into three solvable convex subproblems. Adaptive link selection for buffer-aided relaying can achieve significant performance gain compared with the conventional relaying with fixed transmission criterion. Finally, on the basis of ensuring the demand of each slice, the resource allocation algorithm based on the primal-dual interior-point method is used to solve the optimal slice weight allocation to minimize the system delay. First, we evaluate the impact of this cooperative attack on the uplink channel training results and derive an analytical expression for the achievable downlink sum-rate of ZF precoders aided massive MIMO system. Congratulations to the Best Paper Award Winners! At the same time, we know that terrestrial network components will have fundamentally physical limitations in providing coverage and accessibility needed in future networks. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Then, the multiobjective evolutionary algorithm based on decomposition (MOEA/D) based algorithm is proposed for achieving high steering performance of multi-beams. 5 th International Conference on Computing, Communication and Security (ICCCS-2020) is a premier conference in the computer, communication and signal processing fields. Through interactive perception fusion, it provides environment awareness of high-precision maps for autonomous driving. The aim of the conference is to … Experimental results show that the system achieves an average accuracy of 95.82 percent in through-the-wall scenarios. To solve this issue, in this paper, we investigate a buffer-aided differential chaos-shift-keying based simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (DCSK-SWIPT) relay system, where a decode-and-forward (DF) protocol is considered and the relay is equipped with a data buffer and an energy buffer. Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) is a promising solution to tackle the upcoming computing tsunami in space information network (SIN), by effectively utilizing the idle resource at the edge. The narrow beam communication of the mmWave large-scale antenna system suppresses co-channel interference and has greater potential for parallel communication and spatial multiplexing. Analytical and simulation results show that all proposed scheme can achieve secure communication, and the MMSE algorithm performs better than the ZF. The formulated problem is a combinatorial optimization problem that is hard to tackle. ICCC 2020 is going on now after the careful preparation of the Conference Organizing Committee. Then, the auction model is adopted to analyze the economic profits of traffic offloading in HSTN, and the optimization is formulated to maximum the MNO's profits. Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed scheme has better performance in terms of higher system throughput, lower latency, and lower energy consumption compared with the existing schemes. Based on this, we realize the load balance of multiple UAVs, guarantee the constraint of coverage range and meet the quality of service (QoS) of MEC network. In general, two factors influence the efficiency of resource allocation. Furthermore, this problem is transformed into two sub-problems and a two-layer iterative optimization algorithm is proposed to get an approximate optimal solution. In this paper, content caching in a cloud and fog heterogeneous cooperative manner for F-RAN is investigated. Simulation results validate the effectiveness of the presented algorithm, and the different CS reconstruction algorithms for multi-target imaging are analyzed as well. Most of the previous studies have modelled context and aspect terms using RNN and attention mechanisms. When authenticating user identity and transmitting content, IBE and IBS are introduced to achieve more efficient and secure identity encryption. The proposed scheme can achieve load balance among ground base stations and minimize the traffic delay in the network. Finally, according to the relative position and global position of the anchor node, Procrustes Analysis (PA) is applied to obtain the transformation relationship, and the global positions of all nodes are further obtained. In particular, a novel buffer-aided C-NOMA scheme is proposed to adaptively select a direct or cooperative transmission mode, based on the instantaneous channel state information and the buffer state. ICCC 2019 aims at a key theme on “To Wireless Infinity and Beyond”. To solve the non-convex optimization problem, we propose an alternating optimization algorithm to effectively improve the secrecy rate. In this paper, a resource allocation scheme, SCMA-Hungarian (SH), for downlink SCMA system is proposed. IEEE ICC 2020 - Featuring the latest developments in telecommunications from a technical perspective. In order to bridge this gap, we devote this paper to developing an optimal joint power control and time allocation scheme with the objective to maximize the sum of data transmission rate for WBANs with RF energy harvesting. Simulation results show that the proposed algorithm has high reconstruction accuracy and low computational complexity, and can accurately recover mmWave massive MIMO channel information. August 10 Mon; August 11 Tues Program at a Glance ... IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China Keynote Toggle Dropdown. iCCECE '20 is technically co-sponsored by the IEEE (Conference Record # 49321). To explore this potential capacity, this talk will introduce the key technical aspects that enable the full utilization of this full-band. IT-01: Invited Talk 1, Session First, considering the delay constraint of data processing, the concept of effective data is introduced. By using our websites, you agree to the placement of … The mobile terminal performs attribute revocation through the authorization authority when the rank of the mobile terminal is changed. Moreover, with the aid of combining the previous particle competition experiences as well as the defined particle's walking rules, our propose community detection scheme can automatically select and update the core nodes based on the results of previous evolution. The data owner only needs to do the data sorting computation on his own data, while the encryption operation that costs more system resources is handed over to the cloud server with powerful computing resources. In this paper, we mainly study the secure transmission method of cell-free massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system under active eavesdropping. At present, the average life of the electronic nose is relatively short, mainly due to the drift of the sensor resulting in a decrease in the effect. 2020 IEEE 6th International Conference on Computer and Communications (ICCC) ICCC is initiated in 2015 and it is organized by Sichuan Institute of Electronics, sponsored by IEEE, and supported by Southwest Jiaotong University, Sichuan University etc. Furthermore, for the online localization, unlike traditional approaches, which estimate locations only based on features of signal space, we proposed a dual-domain constraints localization algorithm (DCLA), which takes the physical space into consideration at the same time based on mean shift clustering algorithm. — In the healthcare system, patients equipped with resource-limited medical devices generate a huge amount of health data. Millimeter-wave techniques and MIMO techniques are the key techniques for 5G and beyond. Finally, simulation results show both the effectiveness and superiority of our proposed particle competition aided community detection model for information propagation, which may have compelling applications in the context of the spread of opinions and computer viruses, etc. This conference will feature world-class plenary speakers, major technical symposiums, industry and academic panels, workshops, tutorials and invited tracks. However, the channel conditions may vary more dramatically due to MMW transmissions, thus MMW receivers require the intelligent channel estimation with the low complexity to attain reliable and high data rate performances. Meanwhile, the introduction of multicast via point-to-multipoint communications further improves the spectrum efficiency for mmWave small cells. SDN controller dynamically adjusts the task computing mode and resource allocation scheme to meet the users' needs. This conference will feature world-class plenary speakers, major technical symposiums, industry and academic panels, workshops, tutorials and invited tracks. Many demonstrations employ a traditional pseudo-random bit sequence (PRBS) as the test data. The ILSO algorithm is compared with several algorithms and performs well. Prof. Liu Liu, Beijing Jiaotong University, China (IEEE Member) Prof. Huanlai Xing, … Based on dynamic offloading and resource allocation strategy, the best offloading proportion of a task, local calculation power and transmission power are investigated by deep reinforcement learning (DRL). Welcome messages from CIC, CQUPT, IEEE ComSoc; Conference overview; Best paper awards for China Communications. Then we propose an iterative algorithm to obtain a suboptimal solution of original problem in polynomial time. First, the network model is developed for UAVs to provide communication services in disaster area. The 30th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN 2021) July 19 - 22, 2021 (tentative), Athens, Greece Particularly, we first formulate the controller placement of hierarchical service function chaining as an integer programming model. Please sign in for the Technical Program of IEEE ICCC 2020, which includes all keynote speeches, tutorials, workshops and technical sessions. 4:40 AM EDT, 4:50 PM However, due to the lack of the method toward improving angle resolution of AOA, AOA-based indoor localization method is difficult to achieve sub-meter accuracy. We construct datasets corresponding to 100s of base station antennas serving 10s of transmit antennas to show that increasing the number of base station antennas will also increase the learning ability of the network by proving the relevant information. The helper can locally compute the data offloaded by the user, in addition to processing its own data. In this paper, we study the coordinated multi-point secure transmissions in mmWave cellular networks against randomly distributed eavesdroppers.