Eye of the storm - Cyclone Aila as it happened - Duration: 2:40. All the tropical seas of the earth with the exception of the south Atlantic and southeast Pacific give birth to deadly atmospheric phenomena known as tropical cyclones. Some islands in the Bay of Bengal and the mangrove forests of the Sundarbans region were inundated and still cut off from relief and rescue workers as of May 29, 2009. A relatively strong tropical cyclone, it caused extensive damage in India and Bangladesh. Find help on how to use the site, read terms and conditions, view the FAQs and API documentation. Flight Center. where cyclones strike most often. Districts with the fewest measures in place to prevent damage and protect communities, suffered the most. Impact of the tropical cyclone AILA along the coast of Bangladesh Mst. Several naval relief teams were deployed to the Sunderbans region where an estimated 400,000 people were marooned by flooding. Millions of people prepared to evacuate as the storm approached eastern India and Bangladesh. Nongovernmental, apolitical Sangkalpa On May 25 th, 2009, Cyclone Aila struck the southwest coastal zone of Bangladesh, destroying Bipasha Rani Mondol’s house and badly damaging her family’s garment shop. Hot Cities 8 - Dhaka Bangladesh 4 - Water Water Everywhere - BBC Environmental Documentary - Duration: 10:54. strikes. Heartbreak in Bangladesh: Cyclone Aila. Aila almost completely fills this scene, stretching from the Bay of Bengal deep into India, Bangladesh, and Burma (Myanmar). Home to roughly 25,000 residents, the coastal island Nijhum Dwip was reported to be completely submerged. Bangladesh is part of the humid tropics, with the himalayason the north and the funnel-shaped coast touching the bay of bengalon the south. Some landless people lived on em-bankments and beside roads Immediately after the cyclone many people moved to the roads and the embankments because their land was flooded. On 25 May cyclone Aila swept through the villages of traditional resource-users of the Sundarbans forest, Bangladesh. Cyclone Mahasen (May 16, 2013): Cyclone Mahasen hit near Chittagong with a wind speed of 85 km per hour. On April 28, the storm began to accelerate northeastwards under the influence of the southwesterlies, and rapidly intensified to super cyclonic storm strength near the coast of Bangladesh … with injuries among the displaced, and is preparing to treat an increase 1 ) similar to a Category 1 cyclone as per the Saffir-Simpson scale (Sadik et … Six months after the cyclone, many embankments remained broken and land was still flooded. 2009 hurricane/tropical data for the northern Indian Ocean: Cyclone Aila. Army was deployed to the affected areas. Trust was founded in 1984 expressly to provide aid to people in Bangladesh Severe Storms. Water Cyclone Gael lingered off the east coast of Madagascar on February 7, 2009. It caused death of 17 people. It caused death of 17 people. wheelchairs, autoclaves, oral rehydration solutions, pediatric nutritionals, The MODIS Rapid Response System provides this image at additional resolutions. Southern Bangladesh, which is located in south Asia. Cyclone Aila Flashcards Preview Case studies > Cyclone Aila > Flashcards Flashcards in Cyclone Aila Deck (10) Loading flashcards... 1 When did it occur ? Its regular Abstract— AILA, a category 1 cyclone, furiously hit south western coastal region of Bangladesh on 25 May 2009, killing 190 people, and left several injured. This peculiar geography of Bangladesh brings not only the life-giving monsoonsbut also catastrophic cyclones, nor'westers, tornadoes and floods. Caption by Michon Scott. Atmosphere trip with partners who responded to 2007's Cyclone Sidr. aid delivered in advance of cyclone season has been activated in response Save for later. On 25 May cyclone Aila swept through the villages of traditional resource-users of the Sundarbans forest, Bangladesh. 2017). Cyclone Aila (May 25, 2009): Cyclone Aila hit offshore 15 districts of southwestern part of Bangladesh with wind speed of 120 km per hour. Cyclone also causes the storm surge which is more devastating for a longer time. (Not that you can really quantify or categorize something like this, but last week was the first time I cried reading a crisis report.) Aila recently became the first cyclone of the 2009 cyclone season in the North Indian Ocean just before making landfall in far eastern India in the northern Bay of Bengal. On May 25, Aila’s wind speeds ranged from 74 kilometers per … The storm stretches from the Bay of Bengal deep into India, Bangladesh, and Burma (Myanmar). Around 190 people have died from the acute cyclone Aila. If you haven’t heard about it, don’t feel bad. The New York Times reported that floods and mudslides killed at least 191 people and left hundreds of thousands more homeless. 15a.-Bangladesh-case-study-sheet. It really hasn’t been in the news much at all. After the cyclone “Sidr” in 2007 and cyclone “Aila” in 2009, a large amount of people had to change their occupation and move to different cities for their livelihoods. Access your account or create a new one for additional features or to post job or training opportunities.