Every time he says the price it swings up or down wildly. ", ", Solutions: a potion stall run by a hungover human named Alphonse- or Al for short. Flint- A stone golem sells adventuring gear and other useful items. The Book Swap – An old dragonborn with glasses and a beard buys sells and trades books. "Flag/Tabard Stall - Custom made flags and tabards for sale. "Yabba's Yarns: An old, retired Tabaxi adventurer sells different patterns and magic infused yarn but also local legends, dungeon maps, and histories. The house of cards (inn) The damaged cart (inn) The shiny house of bling (jewellers) Foode for sail (food for sale) The drunken "The Nasty Pastie- Grandma Ipswitch, a foul-tempered woman with piercing purple eyes, sells pasties and potions. Is hesitant to lower prices because of this. ", She is searching for the cure and will pay handsomely for help. The Fine Print - Combination newspaper and law firm. ", https://www.reddit.com/r/DnD/comments/4guzml/the_d100_store_list/. The only thing saltier than the barrels of pickles is the stall owner himself. Third Hand’s Third Hand Store – goblin selling knickknacks, junk, and random items. ", "Alvi's Discount Confessions- Healing items, atonement spells-while-you-wait, discount holy water, and basic cleric gear from a giant of a man with a black beard and a missing arm. He’s sold many things (not all of which were his), but his specialty has always been rat pie. His name is Worinten, and if asked about the scar, he will wax eloquent on the dangers of the wilderness and of druids who raise shambling rosebushes. She is famous at the market for pinning a thief to the wall with one well placed knitting needle. Some for seasoning food, some medicinal, and some “recreational”. But all of this is only true before noon or so, once she gets enough money for her drugs. They can also guide adventurers through difficult natural terrain and may even have seen some caves or ruins in their gathering that they didn’t feel equipped to explore on their own, and would be willing to show the party there for a cut. Mother Gimble’s – A small old woman, bent and ancient, whose race cannot be determined, leads her overloaded wagon with a cantankerous donkey in the most remote places of the world. "The Shinies - a wooden barrel full of semi-precious stones, guarded by a flock of ravens, one of which apparently has good business sense. "Throk's Threads: An ogre sells piles of intricate lace doilies. Thralgov’s Thrilling Thaumaturgic Threadwork: An upperclass clothing and fabric store, run by an old dwarf named Thralgov that is as surly and blunt as his creations are impressive. Nazim’s Trade Goods – A darkly beautiful half-elf sells a wide variety of items. A herb outlet; lots of dried herbs, spices, maybe potions, which are all past their due date. "Piotr's Picklemonger: Different spiced pickles and cucumber flowers are for sale at this stall. "Sal’s salted meats - A place to buy preserved meats for long journeys. The Devil in the Details – Curtis Vaquiri, Tiefling barrister, solicitor, notary, insurance agent and Venture capitalist. His Special Hand Furnaces can provide heat for a tent and are recharged whenever the holder casts a fire spell. This name generator will give you 10 random names aimed at magic shops and magical businesses. A short human claims to be a powerful divination wizard, and will read the player’s future for a high price. He is missing the index finger on his left hand. He tries to sell No idea. "DnD crypto; a guy tries to sell you magical coins and only a select few places accept them. Istvaan’s Legitimate Enterprise – Market stall that seems busy, but never has anything for sale besides a few oddly shaped ‘lucky charms’. Once, upon being granted a wish by the genie Vur’nnon, Starlight wished for limitless wishes. ", Everything is a magic item in disguise. (Only one buff can be active at the time) the item loses its magic after two uses. Gibbem Geld’s Gold Exchange: A goblin with a bag of holding who will convert any currency to any other for a 5% fee. ", Azkabang (prison) Big Bob (clock tower) The tree of justice (elven inn) The halfling hut (halfling inn) The pit of axes (orc / goblin inn) The welcome wagon (tourist centre at front gate) The blue opal ring (sells rings of blue opal) The hammer of justice (sells warhammers) The sword of greatness (sells swords only) The axe handle (sells axes) The long stick (sells long sticks. ", Digby would also have a lot of information/quests and could possibly be recruited as a dungeon guide. "Gibbem Geld’s Gold Exchange: A goblin with a bag of holding who will convert any currency to any other for a 5% fee. Their food is spiced fresh game meat atop a veggie mash. The global amino acids market reached a volume of 9.3 Million Tons in 2019.. Harriets Hindsight - an exceedingly talented fortune teller who can tell a person a great deal about their own past, especially mistakes they have made. Red Items - Sells red items. "Surprisingly Useful Stories- A bookseller with an impossibly long nose and brilliantly twinkling eyes offers you a dusty tome. For the lovelorn, he will also (for high prices) sell scrolls of minor illusion, diodems of charisma, and ‘virility and fertility aids’. ", https://www.reddit.com/r/DnD/comments/3u0e3c/lets_make_a_big_list_of_shop_names/, https://www.reddit.com/r/DnD/comments/30tb4h/alliterating_shop_names_in_your_cities/. You’ll find their suggestions below, try our Farmers Market name generator to help find more ideas. He tends to be playing more often than actually working though. C.M.O.T. More than enough. ", "Finn's Churro Stand: Delicious fried dough dipped in cinnamon and sugar. "Things on Sticks; popular with the local orcs/halforcs. If you seek her out at home, rouse her and pay her 10x her normal price, she will scribe your letter or draw your picture, but everything she writes will be eldritch riddles (that might help the players) and everything she draws will be straight out of Acidland. Some truly magical items can be found on arcana checks. The Unencumbring – An elf named Cavea Tvenditor ‘sells nothing, buys anything’. She started rapidly flipping through her notes and then blurted out "you mother fucker!".
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