The registry keys your trying to change are probably Owned by TrustedInstaller, so you will have to change the Owner to your User. Find answers to Cannot create key: Error writing to the registry from the expert community at Experts Exchange                 throw new System.ArgumentException(string.Format(CultureInfo.InvariantCulture, RegSetValueEx failed; code 5. Because the registry doesn't allow you to add entries there could be another reason - your registry size reached the maximum. Once you’ve installed CCleaner, just click Registry on the left-hand side, then “Scan for Issues.” Once it’s discovered all the problems (there will always be some), scroll through the list to see if there’s one relating to the program that’s causing you trouble. To create the .reg file, use Regedit.exe to export the registry key that you want to delete, and then use Notepad to edit the .reg file and insert the hyphen. This usually occurs because of a corrupt application install or similar. Ensure the local account you are logged in with has privileges/right to create new entries inside of Windows registry. The content you requested has been removed. This can be dangerous. When I look at the effective permissions, I have full control and I am the owner of the key. This technote offers a resolution to the error: "Logon Error: Can't write to the registry key", when you attempt to log in to IBM® Rational® ClearQuest® Web. In the Registry Editor scroll all the way to the top in the left-hand pane, right-click “Computer” and click “Export.”. — The first port of call is the System File Checker. You may need to set yourself as the owner of the key … LL, that is all there is to creating a new registry key. Latest Windows 10 Update Problems and How to Fix Them, How to Fix 'Bad System Config Info' Error in Windows 10, What You Should Do If Windows 10 Fails to Start, How to Undervolt Your CPU with Throttlestop in Windows, Windows Store Not Working? Under Group or user names, click the user to whom you want to grant full control of your registry key. .NET Platform Architecture Development Discussions, Get or Request Code Sample from Microsoft. In the Registry Editor dialog box, double-click RegistrySizeLimit.         { To get the values of all the registry keys on a local machine, we first have to find the path to the registry. If people would create a ‘Restore Point’ just before they If I right-click on the key, choose Permissions, click Administrators, click Allow - Full Control, then click OK, I get: Unable to save permission changes on … Full Fix Solution. This can be dangerous. Click the key to which you want to grant full control. In registry navigate to the key you are having trouble with and right click it. I … Please help me to solve this problem . When we create or alter registry keys we will be sometimes faced with an error "Cannot edit (the name of the registry key) : Error Writing the value's new contents. Write in English. Registry Week will continue tomorrow when I will talk about modifying registry keys by using Windows PowerShell. Go to the ‘Start’ menu and in the search box type “regedit”. ERROR WinMain.cpp (63) Failed to write registry keys. Content Manager at Make Tech Easier. Reply . Registry errors can occur when you’ve uninstalled programs, but some of their information stays in the registry. Here Are the Fixes, How to Use Animated and Live Wallpapers on Windows 10. The newly created registry key with default value is shown in the image that follows. The registry is a complex and often messy corner of your Windows PC, and it’s worth checking in on it regularly using the above method just to keep it in good shape. In this article, we’ll show how to get, edit, create and delete registry keys with PowerShell, perform a search, and use PowerShell to connect to the registry from a remote computer. By the way, do not edit/change anything else in registry, other than the above. It's also possible for the Windows kernel to embed a NULL character in a string to form a complete key name. I am having a problem trying to update the registry. at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowUnauthorizedAccessException (ExceptionResource resource) at Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey.EnsureWriteable () This reputable app is a great all-round system cleaner and has a dedicated tool for finding and fixing registry errors. If you install and uninstall lots of stuff you registry is big. Sometimes things are a little more obvious, and you’ll get an explicit message when your PC crashes that a registry error has occurred, or upon startup Windows Registry Checker may tell you that “Windows registry is damaged.”. I get a lot more errors on registry keys. To use it, open the command prompt as an administrator, then type sfc /scannow and hit Enter. If you’re having problems with a particular piece of software, reinstalling it doesn’t seem to help (or indeed, the problems started since reinstalling), and if the above method doesn’t work, I recommend using CCleaner to do the job. True gadget’s Press “Win + R”, then in the Run box type regedit and hit Enter. It isn't possible to manually create a registry entry with an embedded null character. private readonly RegistryKey SoftwareKey = Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey ("SOFTWARE"); private const string RegistryKeyName = "Skms"; Problem. You may not even have the right to change the permissions, if this is the case then first you have to take ownership – click Advanced and then the Owner tab. The permission for the Everyone group of the registry subkey noted in the error message is not set to Full Control. Today I bought a new Memory Stick.             { Affiliate Disclosure: Make Tech Easier may earn commission on products purchased through our links, which supports the work we do for our readers. Please help me to solve this problem . Q: Symantec Norton antivirus shows a WS.Reputation.1 detection for the installer: A: This is a generic message that Norton shows for any file that has not been downloaded enough times to build "reputation". But, for some reason, I can't edit this key for the particular software on a couple of machines. stack>. Decryptor decryptor = Decryptor.Create(); You need to specify the RegistryKey to be writable if you want the write access. Search google on how to increase the size of registry and how to check the current status.             { It could also occur when you have duplicate registry keys, don’t shut down your computer correctly, or, most severely, it could be because of a virus (stressing the importance of having anti-malware protection). Press “Win + R”, then in the Run box type regedit and hit Enter. Summary: Microsoft Scripting Guy, Ed Wilson, talks about using Windows PowerShell to update or add a registry key value.. Hey, Scripting Guy! Select permissions and set them any way you like. From the context menu that … Because the registry doesn't allow you to add entries there could be another reason - your registry size reached the maximum. Registry errors can occur when you’ve uninstalled programs, but some of their information stays in the registry. In most cases, this behavior is caused by WebRoot Spy sweeper. I'm looking through the ePO policy catalog, but those settings don't seem to match up with what needs to be changed in the registry. If I check the next key under "services," I can edit the values and add values under it.
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