Sign up Log in . I run a busy restaurant in town and I have learned when things go wrong - it's usually at your most vulnerable moment. We offer multiple sizes of walk in cooler or freezer SIM Cooler Trailers that operate at 110 Volts, are loaded at ground level and fit in a single parking space. In addition, you keep the SIM Cooler Trailer at your location for as long as you need. 440-263-4120 Ohio HQ Many organizations need to rent equipment while upgrading facility cooling or in case of emergencies, relocations, or just temporary additional storage. Since 2005 Koolzone ® Rental Company Inc has been servicing southern and central Ontario, and is your number one choice for temporary refrigeration, namely cooler trailers, freezer trailers and beer coolers (our KegKoolers, with taps). 3630 East Indian School Road, Rear Lot, Phoenix, AZ 85018 . Is an aluminum or galvanized trailer better? 1-800-245-5216; Home; Locations; Price List; Site Map; Details; Major Cities; Contact; Our Prices. Consider the added costs of the fuel needed to keep the truck idling to keep the cooling units powered. Rent daily, weekly or monthly Same day delivery available in some areas. If your needs grow, your unit can grow along with them. Big thank you for your making sure everything went smoothly. Insurance. The sound of the idling engine is the sound of money going up in smoke. Lease refrigerated trailers for all your cooling needs. Home: Welcome to the U-COOL Refrigeration Rental website. We look forward to calling you again in the near future. Ideal Storage Solution for New COVID-19 Vaccines. Copyright © 2020 Storage In Motion. Cool To Go is a Cape Town based Company. Also, neither of these are good choices for some uses like manufacturing or packaging operations. 1-440-202-6367 FAX Our expo would not have been the same without your cooler and freezer. **NOTE: Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, all MED Alliance rental morgue trailers have been rented through the end of May. Below is a small list of clients who work with Storage In Motion. However, if you need that ability at one location, that means you’ll need to keep the truck on and idling the entire time it’s in use. This is the ideal setup for those that need to transport items and inventory while keeping them below a certain temperature. 8702 Statesville Road 704-957-3001 Carolinas For a company that needs its employees to enter and exit the refrigerated unit regularly during the day, our units offer the easiest and most effective solution. 2M X 1M with rails Trailer has a carrying capacity of 500kg R200.00 Per Day R500.00 Refundable deposit. There are many different reasons a person or business might need temporary refrigerated storage at a location. Thanks to Bob's Cold Storage we were able to serve our large family for the weekend. Help center. These units are available in any size your company needs, which offers one final advantage. Our multiple-generation family reunion went great. LEAVE US A MESSAGE. Pompano Beach, FL 33069, CAROLINAS The emissions are annoying and potentially hazardous to your employees, while Polar Leasing units run on electricity,  a no emissions, no noise, and no hassle solution. Our Thermo King Trailers for Leasing, Refrigerated Event Trailer, Refrigeration Trailers For Rental, Mobile Refrigerated Trailer Leasing and all of our units are offered in different sizes, we have them on 48ft, 40ft, 24, 20ft, these are the Refrigeration Trailers For Rental and we also have containers that sit flat on sizes of, as mentioned before, 20ft, 24ft, 40ft. Also, technology hasn’t advanced to the point where diesel engines operate without emissions. Our unique seamless, one-piece, fiberglass construction will not rust, scratch, dent or corrode. "For a reliable on site walk in cooler or freezer, you have come to the right place!". Freezer Trailer Rental - Our 5’x10’ small refrigerated trailer rental holds 6,500 lbs or 283 cu. Help . There’s no need to check the price of diesel fuel every day to see how much money you’re wasting with a Polar Leasing refrigeration unit. Earn $75 . Need a unit in a specific size? The portable refrigeration unit you desire will be placed in your required location, at a mutually agreeable time and secured for safety. Each Trailer is equipped with a water cooler, full size refrigerator and microwave. Orlando, FL 32837, SOUTH FLORIDA Best Superbowl Commercial 2016; Best Portable Refrigerated Trailers; Emergency Cold Storage- Cooler Trailers; Thermo King Codes- Stop Looking; Best transport … Our units are at ground level, eliminating the need for ramps, steps, or climbing. Charlotte, NC 28269. Maria C. – Woodburn. 1-866-968-3455 Toll Free Find your prefect getway rig. Same seamless construction and rugged features of our walk-in coolers and freezers. Our reefers have up to an 8,000 lb. For short-term refrigerated storage, you might be tempted to investigate a reefer trailer rental. Contact us now to reserve! Being a part of a tractor-trailer rig, the cooled compartment is not at ground level. Customers in Ohio, SE Michigan, Western PA, Northern WV, Florida and the Carolinas. Polar Leasing units are powered by being hooked up to your existing electrical system. Polar Leasing can build modular refrigerated units to almost any specification. Unfortunately, this can lead to more cost than they expect and the potential for many other problems. List your RV . Your guys arrived on time and set up the freezer right away. About Us Founded in 2006 by Tim Medved. That’s not the only advantage a Polar Leasing unit offers over having a built-in refrigeration facility. Buy Used or New In the case of an emergency or unexpected breakdown with your walk-in cooler or freezer, you could find yourself in a costly predicament. This means that your employees will be forced to haul your inventory up and down a climb of several feet at worst. MODULAR COLD STORAGE WAREHOUSE; … Trailers FAQs. On average, you can finance a Walk-In Cold Storage Trailers and Container for … We have been providing party and event rentals to the food service industry and event planners since 2006. These can range from construction and remodeling to a wedding or party. Cooler Trailer Rentals LLC, is a family owned business located in Brevard County. Refrigerated trailers for rent, being designed to operate both on location and while traveling, have cooling systems linked to the engine of the truck. The second option is a Polar Leasing unit that emits no noise or pollution and runs via electricity. Get rental information on Dump Trailer, 10 ft. by 12 ft., Tandem Axle from United Rentals. Our on site standard 110 Volt plug in cooler or freezer SIM Cool Trailer provides 24 hour a day access to your goods while they are …, Why use a SIM Cooler Trailer? For new companies, it can be quite a financial burden to support your own facility in-house. Freezer/Refrigeration Rentals Near Me. Storage In Motion is a dedicated mobile cold storage rental company, providing superior on site cooler or freezer rentals. Our custom-built refrigerated trailers use the highest-quality materials and most energy efficient refrigeration technology available. For those who need a longer-term solution, there’s really no comparison. Unique keypad for freezer or fridge application. 1-800-245-5216 . We ensure our partnerships and business relationships are Events and Catering This is our third time using Storage In Motion and our second time having them provide a freezer at the county fair. We deliver late model SIM Cooler Trailers to your door, they are well-maintained and clean temperature controlled storage units. We have used you on several occasions and each time you have been there rain, shine and two occasions snow. taken care of every step of the way. You guys are awesome. *20% off all trailer rentals at: •bellville •brackenfell •port Metro Cold-Stor trailers are used for beer and non beer events. Sometimes when you least expect it, your company has a need for a temporary refrigeration or freezer storage rental. Once Polar Leasing has delivered your unit and you have the electricity connected, you may notice that a unit from Polar Leasing is very similar to a site-built refrigeration solution, without the costly overhead of construction. Contact us. Rentals; Request a Quote; Contact; Cooler Ice Cube; Case Study Videos; Videos; Financing; Food Bank; Blog; About; Request a Quote; Rentals; Videos; Blog; Financing; Contact; privacypolicy ; termsandconditions; Latest Posts. The doors seal closed and you lock the unit with your own padlock, the unit is water tight. Small Refrigerated Trailer Sales distributes Freezer & Cooler Trailers & Polar Temp small refrigerated trailers. Keep temperature-sensitive cargo cool with a refrigerated commercial rental truck from Penske. While a refrigerated trailer may seem like the easiest option to choose, it’s not. Specializing in cooler or freezer rentals for breakdowns and repair projects. Rental Pricing In the best case, they will need a ramp to access equipment. Starting at $995. (1-866-YOU-FILL) Used to cool and serve tap beer or any beverage. This means that the engine must be running for the cooling compartment to do its job., CORPORATE HQ PROUDLY SERVING: 3508 Brecksville Road The fuel costs will add up over the length of a long-term lease, inflating the cost of your lease to the point where it’s most likely not the best, most cost-effective option for your company. Book a trailer! When you lease a unit from Polar Leasing, the unit is delivered anywhere in the country, bringing a fully assembled and ready-to-use unit exactly where you need it. The second is not effective and it can be very hard to keep things cool or frozen all day. On average, you can purchase a Walk-In Cold Storage Trailers and Container for $24,116. All rights reserved. FAQ's, Storage In Motion TRAILERS FOR HIRE. How it works. Our rental trailer options include basic utility trailers, equipment trailers, construction trailers, water trailers and more. Our clients include small businesses to the largest Fortune 500 companies. United Rentals trailer fleet is durable, heavy-duty construction grade and ready to haul all your equipment, from power tools to golf carts. Our small electric refrigerated trailers (8′ or 12′) and trucks are less expensive and more convenient than our full-size trailers. Polar Leasing has a solution that eliminates the additional “hidden” costs and helps prevent any further complications from renting a refrigerated trailer for large jobs. However, this isn’t the ideal solution for most, especially if they need refrigeration at one location for a length of time. RV rentals near me.
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