PF940V1.5 80% Pistol Frame • PF940V1.5 80% Polymer Pistol Frame Instructions (PDF): Click Here . Just like a hot-rodder can drop a complete crate motor into a car body or instead build their own from the block up, so can a shooter build an AR-platform rifle from number of starting points. If you were using WD40 or a cutting fluid, the lower is probably a bit oily, so wipe it down with a bit of degreaser or other cleaner before continuing. 5D Tactical supplies essential equipment for building your own AR-15, AR-9 or AR-308/AR-10 firearms, including upper receivers and 80 percent lower receivers, 80% lower jigs, tools, and jig replacement parts. I failed to check frequently on a prior build and unintentionally drilled through the bottom of the receiver. Ultimate Jig. Drill out the safety selector hole and fire control pin holes. A router is an affordable alternative to a milling machine, but you'll need a drill press anyway. Do not drill all the way through the receiver—only drill the top half of the receiver. Finishing an 80% AR15 lower is not hard at all. To complete the lower you will be drilling three holes and machining two pockets. 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While there are no federal prohibitions against making your own firearm for your personal use, there are laws regarding the transfer of a personally made gun to others. Notice the solid area where the trigger would go, making it a paperweight, not a firearm. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! We are a national retailer of individual components and not all products depicted on this website are legal in every state. Using a drill press is easy: You simply set the required depth you need to drill to, and plunge the bit into the receiver as the jig guides you. Remove the jig from the vise. This helped me finish the machining process more quickly. A drill press is stable: If you're not experienced with machining metal or working with power tools, a drill press is an easy machine to master. We offer Posted by on Jul 7th 2020. Thread the large Brownells tool from the kit through the pivot pin holes and align the small hole in the tool with the hole for the detent and spring. Follow the Modulus Arms instructions on inserting the screw. We encourage each and every builder to perform their own research about the state and federal laws that apply to them. This jig and these instructions work for any AR-15 (5.56, .223, 300 BLK) and AR9 (9mm) 80% lower. AR Lower Receiver Step-by-Step Chapter 2 9 Begin by clamping the forging to your milling machine table using the passenger side clamping pad. ANDERSON MANUFACTURING 80% LOWER RECEIVER JIG -SUGGESTED METHOD- Step #2: Install Template 1 as shown in the picture on the previous page using provided screws. 80 LOWER MACHINING MANUALS JMT AR-15 Polymer 80 Machining Instructions. PF940V1.5 80% Pistol Frame • PF940V1.5 80% Polymer Pistol Frame Instructions (PDF): Click Here . Read our intro guide first. The router's adapter plate will obscure the work area while you cut the receiver, so you must ensure your measurements are correct, and you must rely on the jig to ensure the router only cuts where it is supposed to. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. To subscribe, visit © 2020, a division of Tactical Gear Heads, LLC. But I will soon give the lower a black anodize finish. AR-15 80% Lower. This jig and these instructions work for any AR-15 (5.56, .223, 300 BLK) and AR9 (9mm) 80% lower. I bought a couple 80% lowers and jig from and the blank lowers came with the rear shelf completed and the takedown pin-holes already drilled. To keep the lower receiver within tolerance, pay close attention to the tolerances as you machine. How to machine a hunk of steel or polymer into a working AR-15 lower receiver. Then install the 115 bit on the Dremel and begin milling. Much like a gearhead hot-rodding a ’33 Ford Coupe, nothing beats crafting your own rifle if you are a shooter. 6. You can also use an old T-shirt to further protect the jig from the vise. We specialize in stripped and 80% lower receivers for complete custom builds. Flip the milling template around per the Modulus Arms instructions. Take a moment and admire your work. Make liberal use of your vacuum and apply cutting fluid or WD40. Even though the jig is intended to be used with handheld tools, I recommend using a drill press for the holes on an aluminum lower. Shipping of various products found on this website are prohibited to some states (such as California, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington). It is the end user's responsibility to determine if finishing an 80% receiver is … The information, pictures, text or products presented on this website are not a representation by us, and should not be understood by you, that any product or completed firearm is legal to assemble or own in your state of residence. A decent press can be had under $250 that provides plenty of torque and precision for basic work like this. But I will soon give the lower a black anodize finish. Specifications: Hole Sizes: Selector Pin Hole: 3/8” (0.375”) This kit contains all components to complete your AR-10 project. Using a press is the slowest choice: Mills and routers can cut the bulk of the receiver's main cavity laterally. It's the safest choice, too: A mill is an incredibly heavy and stable machining platform, with a tool chuck design to accept high amounts of lateral force without risking damaging the machine or the bit itself. Now that you have made the wise decision to purchase the new Juggernaut Tactical AR-15 80% Lower Receiver, you will need to finish the machining procedure. - CNC Gunsmithing Drill Jig and Milling Adapter Kit - 80% AR15 Lower Receiver from Kevin (with solid fire control pocket) - 12” Craftsman Drill Press - 5 speeds (540-3600 RPM) - Drills & Taps: - (C) 1/8 Drill - … A consumer-grade, table-top 10-inch drill press from your local home-improvement store will make short work of the drilling. When choosing an 80% lower receiver for your next build, there are a number of factors to consider. An 80-percent lower receiver is a hunk of metal or plastic that has a similar shape to a serialized AR lower, but it still needs to be machined prior to it becoming an actual firearm. Using the depth template and end mill bit, set the proper depth and begin milling out the fire control pocket. As Ben Franklin admonished: Measure twice, cut once. 80 percent lower receiver No FFL required and All machine work that has been done is within Mil-Spec specifications. This is the AR15 / M16 Size. The Brownells Pivot Pin Tool Kit makes this step very easy. No FFL required - Ships directly to you. • Drill two 5/16” thru holes (one on … The upside is that the parts are inexpensive, so having a few extra on hand won’t hurt your wallet. Obscures the work area. May be less safe: Since the router is handheld, it is up to you, the builder, to ensure the tooling remains stable and doesn't cause damage to the router, bits, or worse, yourself. To keep the lower receiver within tolerance, pay close attention to the tolerances as you machine. Chapter 2 The First Setup With forgings (as well as castings and weldments) that require final precision machining, the big problem is where to start. It's the most accurate: The mill's adjustment knobs for vertical and lateral movements are often as precise as 0.0001", allowing for incredibly clean cuts without damaging your 80% jig or wearing our your bits. All options and modifications to your kit are available on top of this page. Then indicate the forging true to the x axis. Shipping of various products found on this website are prohibited to some states (such as California, Connecticut, District of Columbia, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Washington). Once the jig is assembled, apply several strips of masking tape to the side pieces. Follow the jig instructions to make sure you are using the correct size bit for each hole. A mini-mill, like the Sieg X2 shown above, is unarguably the best way to complete an 80% lower receiver: It combines the stability and control of a drill press -- in truth, much more control -- with more cutting power than a handheld router. While the term “80-percent lower” has no legal definition, it is a term frequently used in the industry to refer to a piece of aluminum or polymer that has not been machined enough to become a firearm.
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